Blacksmithing is a Non-Combat Skill that is described in game as "Making and enchanting metal equipment. Blacksmiths don't create armor directly, but they can buttress metal armor's effectiveness. They also create metal parts for many other skills."


Players can learn  Blacksmithing from Tadion in Serbule provided you have high enough favor and at least level 25 in Armor Patching.

Blacksmithing gives the player the ability to reinforce their metal armor, but it comes with a cost that there is a chance that your character might mess up and destroy the item instead.

Level Up Rewards:Edit

  • Level 1: Reinforce Metal Shoes
  • Level 5: Reinforce Metal Gloves


Experience values listed are the normal amount gained, not the bonus amount when using an inscription for the first time.

Recipe Ingredients Effect Experience Gained Level Needed to Learn
Reinforce Metal Shoes Add +1 Armor to Shoes 10 1
Reinforce Metal Gloves Add +1 Armor to Gloves 16 5

Related Skills:Edit

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