Loot found in the boarded up basement.

The entrance to the boarded up basement can be found in the very eastern Eltibule across the river and past the area where Sie Antry and her farm is located. This is a dungeon of high enemy volume contrasted by tight hallways. The dungeon progresses in a straight forward line and ends up leading to a cave with Goblin Elite Guards, Cold Elemental Servants and quite a few sulfur mineral deposits. Deviationpaths to the right and left contain rooms with loot, most notably being a bunch of ancient coins of all tiers ranging from bronze to gold. Looting these coins can be very profitable but it can be difficult to do alone due to the high volume of enemy spawns. The sidepaths also has a few different minnions such as the Hook Beast and the quest item Sarina's Backpack.
Sarina's Backpack

Sarina's clothes that can be found in one of the right siderooms in the boarded up basement.

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