Carpentry is a Non-Combat Skill that is described in game as "Preparing and treating lumber, and making things out of wood."


Equipping an item with the Saw attribute will allow a player to collect the various pieces of wood from around Allhearth. By using these logs with a few other easily found items a player can create items that will assist in Cooking as well as give you items like the Pleasant Chair that can be used to grant other players buffs.

Level Up Rewards:Edit

  • Level 5: Crude Stool
  • Level 8: Crude Bench
  • Level 12: Pleasant Chair
  • Level 16: Crude Bed
  • Level 20: Maple Dowels
  • Level 25: Cedar Dowels


Experience values listed are the normal amount gained, not the bonus amount when using creating something for the first time.

Craft Ingredients Effect Experience Gained Level Needed to Learn
Ability to gather Oak Wood 10 0
Crude Stool Restore 3 armor per update 50 5
Crude Bench Restore 5 armor per update 100 8
Pleasant Chair Regenerates 7 armor per update 200 12
Crude Bed Regenerates 9 armor per update 300 16
Ability to gather Maple Wood 110 20
Maple Dowels 10 20
Cedar Dowels 25
Ability to gather Cedar Wood 40

Related Skills:Edit

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