Cow is a Combat Skill that is described in game as "The art of living and fighting as a cow."

Becoming a cow:Edit

In the Tutorial Cave let the cow boss Maronesa attack and curse you.


Cow Form is one of the Animal Forms that a player can be cursed to transform into as a result of their actions.

Anyone can be cursed to turn into a cow by attacking the cow in the Tutorial Cave. The quest to return to human form comes from talking to Harry the Wolf in SerbuleBeating Maronesa in the tutorial cave that turned you in to a cow in the first place will also transform you back in to a human but it would require some Cow training first or the help of friends. Another way to beat the cow early on is to take advantage of the Endurance-skill spell Charm Rat and gather a small group of Giant Rats in the tutorial cave to fight alongside you. You can also drink a high level Alchemy potion called Minor Panacea, but that item isn't currently implemented.

A player that has been cursed to become a cow can provide milk to other players by allowing them to milk their teats. At level 23 a player cow can learn to milk itself.


Level Up Rewards:Edit

  • Level 1: Stampede 1
  • Level 2: Front Kick 1
  • Level 3: Bash 1
  • Level 5: Graze 1
  • Level 7: Chew Cud 1
  • Level 10: Stampede 2
  • Level 11: Moo Of Determination 1
  • Level 15: Moo Of Calm 1
  • Level 20: Stampede 3
  • Level 23: Collect Milk
  • Level 25: Cow Bash 2
  • Level 28: Chew Cud 2
  • Level 30: Stampede 4
  • Level 31: Moo Of Determination 2
  • Level 35: Moo Of Calm 2
  • Level 36: Cow Bash 3
  • Level 39: Chew Cud 3
  • Level 40: Stampede 5
  • Level 43: Moo Of Determination 3
  • Level 45: Cow Bash 4
  • Level 48: Moo Of Calm 3
  • Level 50: Stampede 6

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