When You DieEdit

When you die, you are presented with a window detailing your cause of death, and given the option to either respawn at the beginning of the area, or Enter The Light

Normal Vs. HardcoreEdit


For hardcore there is a death penalty that is not present during normal death that being in addition to being sent back to a respawn point, some items become broken and in order to use them again your character must locate where death occured.

Diseases / CursesEdit

Occasionally when your character dies or gets attacked by a diseased animal there is a possibility that the monster will pass on a disease to the character. These are pernament unless cured in a very specific manner.

Disease Effect Description Attacked by/ Death From Cure
Cow Form Become a cow (curse) The art of living and fighting as a cow. Maronesa


Haunted A curse that occasionally spawns an Ursula to attack you. Hmm, you seem to have a guest inside your head. Kill the boss, Ursula
Lice -1 Max Power, -1 Hygeine You've been infected with a basic disease! It is pernament until cured. Sickly Wolf Lawara in Tutorial Cave
Feeble Fever -3 Max Health You've been infected with a basic disease! It is pernament until cured. Sickly Wolf Marna
Lunatic Shakes -5 Max Power You've been infected with a complex disease! It is pernamant until cured. Worg

Round Worms

+10% Vulnerable to Nature and Trauma damage. You've been infected with an advanced disease! It is permanent until cured. Marna

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