A bowyer and fletcher


  • Zone:
    • Serbule
  • Area:
    • In the town, usually wandering around near the altar



  • Word of Power
  • Word of Power Scroll
  • Archery Abilities



  • Prepared Food
  • Magical Bows

Favor tasks:Edit

  • Get Feathers
  • Arrowhead Delivery


Item Price
Archery for Imbeciles 150
I'd Rather be Fletching 150
Stock Bow  75
Empty Fletching Box (favor level) ?
Oak Dowels (favor level) ?
Maple Dowels (favor level) ?
Cedar Dowels (favor level) ?
Beginner's Arrow 3
Basic Arrow 7
Advanced Arrow (favor level) ?
Beginner's Long Arrow 5
Basic Long Arrow (favor level) ?
Advanced Long Arrow (favor level) ?
Beginner's Reservoir Arrow 10
Advanced Reservoir Arrow ?
Beginner's Arrowheads 10
Basic Arrowheads 2
Advanced Arrowheads (favor level) ?
Expert's Arrowheads ?
Flinty Rock 20
Beakers 300
Lucky Belt of The Ranger 180
Lucky Belt of The Hunter 180

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