Pointy Ears, etc.

Racial Culture:Edit

Elves are sex-addicted, forest-loving, and obsessively clean. They live a long time and tend to master a lot of skills, but prefer to live a simple life when possible.

Everyone knows that it's nearly impossible to piss off an elf... they're just so friendly! But if you DO get them angry somehow, they never forgive and they never relent.


Humans say: "They're friendly and honest, but don't be fooled: all Elves are disgusting perverts. Many are charm-rapists, too!"

Rakshasa say: "Their laws are surprisingly primitive, they're prone to bouts of depression when lonely, and they're constantly washing their hands. But they're generous and fair, in their way."

Orcs say: "They're easily manipulated. They're dangerous warriors, but then they get freaked out about blood and dirt. That's hilarious. Their men make good stud slaves for our women."

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