Fishing is a Non-Combat Skill that is described in game as "The art of collecting fish."


Jump in the water and grab a fish! Against all sanity and reason, all a player needs to fish is their body! Players can even fish in Animal Forms!

The items received by fishing can be used in Cooking, Alchemy, and even to make Spore Bombs in Mycology.

Upon reaching level 5 the player is given the Combat Ability Fish Gut which uses fish scales to damage enemies with fish damage.

Level Up Rewards:Edit

  • Level 5: Fish Gut 1
  • Level 15: Fish Gut 2
  • Level 25: Fish Gut 3


Fish Zones Locations Experience Gained Level Needed to Catch
Clownfish Serbule, Eltibule 10 5?
Tasty Crab SerbuleEltibule 35 1
Tasty Grapefish SerbuleEltibule 60 10?
Tasty Perch SerbuleEltibule 110 20?
Tasty Eel Eltibule Lake 160 30

Fishing Recipes:Edit

Recipe Ingredients Experience Gained Level Needed to Craft
Clownfish Fillet Clownfish 10 0
Crab Meat Crab 10 5
Grapefish Fillet Grapefish 10 10?
Perch Fillet Perch 10 20?
Eel Fillet Eel 40 30
Shark Fillet Shark

Trivia And Tips:Edit

  • Sometimes the act of catching sea life can be difficult as the fish squirm around in a eliptical pattern, to make it easier to catch the creatures go into the options menu and change the key commands for 'Select Next / Previous' to an appropriate key. Using the 'Select Next' along with 'Use Selected' makes it so that your character can go from one fish to another with little clicking hastle.
  • When your character can reach the fish try jumping to get closer.

Related Skills:Edit

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