Flia location

Flia is on a hill near Serbule.


The location of Flia in Serbule's map.

Flia barter

Flia's barter deals


Flia is a fairy merchant located in the wilds of Serbule, though she is reluctant to work with you at first. Her shop cannot be accessed when you first meet. Gain a Comfortable favor rating by giving her appropriate gifts. (Ancient SIlver Coins give high favor, for example.)

Killing animals near Flia raises your favor with her. She will also buy your recipes for a very good price. Once you become Friends with her, she will barter with you.  


  • Zone:
  • Area:
    • Hills to the southeast of the town. 


  • ​N/A


  • N/A

Flia's shop after reaching a Comfortable favor level.


  • Loves Rare Recipes and Knowledge
  • Likes Potions
  • Loves Items with interesting history
  • Hates Food

Favor tasks:Edit

  • The Cat's Glassy Stare


Item Price
Cow Shoes 157
Pig Shoes 157
Deer Shoes 157
Simple First Aid Kit 15
Healing Potion 175
Kicking Your Way To Murder 150
Teleportation For Beginners 150

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