Foraging is a Non-Combat Skill that is described in game as "The art of picking things up. Except mushrooms, those are special for some reason. Experts at Foraging are also experts at tracking down stationary items and locations (such as many Quest Objectives)."


Foraging is a very easy skill to learn and use, all you need to do is find a red apple on the ground (as this is the easiest item in Allhearth to forage) and pick it up. Soon you will be on your way to picking up apples, flowers, and many other things that have little to no value!

Upon reaching level 5 the player is rewarded with Seek Objective that points the user to the next objective in their currently selected quest, provided that the user has a line of sight to the objective.

Level Up Rewards:Edit


Item Zones Location Experience Gained Level Needed To Pick
Red Apple Serbule Everywhere 25 0

Related Skills:Edit

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