Gardening is a Non-Combat Skill that is described in game as "Growing things in a garden: herbs, food, and flowers."

The plants gained from gardening may be used in various other skills as different as Cooking and Calligraphy.


The first thing a player needs in order to garden is to get some seeds or seedlings, find a spot to plant them such as in Serbule where there is a farm just north of the windmill that is marked by a row of onions and cabbage, and get a bottle filled with water. Planting the seed is accomplished by right-clicking the seed in the players inventory. After waiting a certain amount of time the plant will grow a little bit and an option will appear on it to be watered. A certain amount of time later and the plant should be at full size and ready to be harvested.

Basic plants only require water to be grown, but other plants may also require some Basic Fertilizer or other more exotic fertilizers.


Seed Plant Level Grow time/max number Fertilizer
Potato Seedling Potato 0 x/2 No
Onion Seedling Onion 5 x/2 No
Bluebell Seeds Bluebell 3 1 min. 15 sec./3 Yes
Red Aster Seeds Red Aster 10 1 min. 30 sec./3 Yes
Cabbage Leafling Cabbage 10 x/2 Yes
Violet Seeds Violet 15 1 min. 50 sec./3 Yes
Dahlia Seeds Dahlia 20 2 min./3 Yes
Beet Seedling Beet 20 x/2 Yes
Daisy Seeds Daisy 25 2 min. 30 sec./3 Yes
Pansy Seeds Pansy 30 2 min. 20 sec./3 Yes
Squash Seedling Squash 30 x/2 Yes
Broccoli Seedling Broccoli 40 x/2 Yes?
Carrot Seedling Carrot 50 x/2 Yes?

Flower Effects:Edit

Flower Effect
Bluebell +10 max power
Red Aster +18 max power
Dahlia +33 max power
Daisy *40 max power

Gardening Recipes:Edit

Recipe Ingredients Level
Basic Fertilizer (from dirt) 5
Basic Fertilizer (from bone)
  • 3 x Bottle of Water
  • 12 x Bone Meal

Related Skills:Edit

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