Geology is a Non-Combat Skill that is described in game as "Digging crystals out of the ground, and knowing what they do"

In order to use this skill a player must first obtain the Surveying skil to obtain surveys for each Gem.


Geology is learned along with surveying. 

Geology is the skill that allows you to use the Survey maps created by the skill Surveying. Once a map is made all you have to do is right click on it and it will give you directions in which to head to find minerals. 

Gem Colors:Edit

There are Several different colored gems with not always will be told by the color of the gem itself.

The following gem colors:

Redwall Crystal      ( L 1)

Blue Minerals         ( L 5)

Green Minerals      ( L 15)

Orange Minerals    ( L 25)

White Minerals       ( L )

Color Gem Skill
White Quartz Fire Magic
White Moonstone Lycanthropy
White Diamond
White Onyx Armor Patching, Tanning, Leatherworking
White Moss Agate

Gardening, Mycology

White Agate Unarmed
Blue Amethyst Teleportation
Blue Lapis Lazuli Alchemy
Blue Obsidian Knives
Blue Blue Spinel Staff
Blue Florite Animal Handling, Meditation
Green Tourmaline Combat Psychology
Green Peridot Archery, Caligraphy
Green Tsavorite Geology
Green Bloodstone Weather Witching, Cooking
Green Malachite Cow, Pig, Deer
Green Aquamarine

Fishing, Teleportation

Please note I'm currently in the pocess of updating this page please excuse the mess on this page ( edited by Dreadz)

Related Skills:Edit

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