The old entrance, in Castle.


The Goblin Dungeon is a "creepy half-implemented" area within Eltibule in the Castle yard, containing many tough enemies and worthy treasures. It is currently a good source for Goblin Equipment, various Restorative Potions, and Fire Salts, among other things.

Also of note, it contains a quest to defeat the Goblin Boss and save a fairy trapped within, which leads to learning Art History. There are also many spawns for various art objects within the dungeon to help you train after you learn the skill.

This dungeon can be very dangerous for those unprepared, as some of the creatures use powerful rage attacks and pull in groups.

Points of Interest:Edit


There are two Storerooms currently in the dungeon. Both hold a few spawns of various Scrolls, Goblets, and food, as well as one or two paintings.

Art GalleriesEdit

Many rooms in the dungeon are set up as Art Galleries, which often contain a large number of paintings useable by the Art History skill.

Pulling should be careful around these rooms, as there's usually two or three creatures in each one that can aggro through the thin walls, potentially mobbing the unsuspecting art aficionado.

Mantis GalleryEdit

An Art Gallery in the Northern section of the dungeon that is notable for a different layout than the rest of the Art Galleries, and being the only spawn point in the dungeon for a few Psychic Mantis and Simple Mantis.

Grand RoomEdit

A large room containing many paintings and treasures such as a storeroom. It also houses the Goblin Boss, and the fairy that needs to be saved to learn the Art History skill.

This room can be very deadly, as especially around the doorway it's easy for a player to get mobbed by monsters hidden off to the left and right. The Goblin Boss himself can hit very hard and often comes with a large group of other Goblins, so visitors should use caution not to get too close unless they are well prepared.

It is possible to peel off many of the Goblins in the room, and at least 5 of the 6 painting spawns can usually be reached without aggroing the boss.


A map of the dungeon. The in-game map currently shows the map of the Tutorial Cave. (The dungeon has expanded, map not 100% accurate)

Characters of Interest:Edit

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