The following are minerals classified as Green Minerals. They are obtained by using the Serbule Green Mineral Survey.



A Pretty gem with Dark green bands. its well known for aiding magical communication.

Associated Primary Skills: Cow, Pig, Deer, spider

Associated Secondary Skills: none



A scintillating stone. Used in magic. It can mesmerize and soothe.

Associated Primary Skill: Combat Psycology

Associated Secondary Skill: none

Piece of Green GlassEdit


It's a chunk of glass. Pretty much worthless, although a few Alchemy recipes require bits of glass.

Associated Primary Skill: none

Associated Secondary Skill : none

Use :



A Pretty green gem. Used in magic, it increases comprehension of scientific concepts.

Associated Primary Skill: Geology

Associated Secondary Skill: none



It's a small peridot, mint green in color. Used in magic, it wards off distracting thoughts and helps align your accuracy.

Associated Primary Skill: Archery

Associated Secondary Skill: Calligraphy

use: to add random stats to armor  that improve the Archery and Calligraphy skills



This gem is dark green with red spots. In magic it is used to command nature.

Associated Primary Skill: Weather Witching

Associated Secondary Skill: Cooking

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