Hogan is the staff combat master, residing in his own keep in south Eltibule along with Helena and Thimble Pete.

With max favor, he has a capped sell price of 1000 gold and buys various weapons and armors but not shields.

He trains a few unarmed skills, Mambo Strike, Bruising Blow and Jab 4.

With enough favor, he allows access to his basement where dwells a few friendly or neutral goblins including a sword specialist and a shield specialist.

He sells Basic Staff, Hoglan's Crippler (+2 staff) and Hoglan's Flingin' Stick (for battle chemistry)




  • Staff Skills
  • Unarmed Skills
  • Recipe: Sour Cream


  • Likes Poetry
  • Likes Staves
  • Likes Raw Fruit

Favor tasks:Edit

  • Guavas of the Land
  • Sie's Roadside Assistance

Gaining the staff skillEdit

Only a few favors are required to gain access to staff, players are NOT required to complete the Gnasher Matriarch kill quest, as this is quite hard even for higher leveled players. 


Item Price
Basic Staff 75
Hogan's Crippler 1000
Hogan's Flingin' Stick 1000
Lucky Belt of The Defender (favor level friends?) 180
Lucky Belt of The Wandering Do-Gooder (favor level friends?) 180

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