Sie and jesina

The "inn" with Hogan's Keep in the background




Jesina is a fairy merchant that offers many goods, including first aid kits and armor patching kits. She seems tired but cheerful, and 

Jssina is also the rally point for a "rescue mission" involving another fairy in the goblin dungeon.




  • Art History if you reach her sister Serina in the goblin dungeon


  • Loves Pretty Clothes
  • Loves Paintings
  • Likes Cooking Recipes
  • Hates Grisly Monster Trophies

Favor tasks:Edit

  • Comfortable: Pick-Me-Up
  • Comfortable: Potato Dinner
  • Comfortable: Flitterbies
    • Obtain 3 Flitterbies


Item Price
Potato Seedling 7
Onion Seedling 9
Cabbage Leafling 12
Beet Seedling 15
Squash Seedling 19
Large Strawberry 100
Bottle of Water 50
Simple First Aid Kit 15
Basic First Aid Kit 30
Good First Aid Kit 75
Expert's First Aid Kit 150
Master First Aid Kit 300
Simple Armor Patch Kit 7
Basic Armor Patch Kit 15
Good Armor Patch Kit 75
Expert's Armor Patch Kit 150
Master Armor Patch Kit 225
Steroid Drink 450
Basic Ink 15
Advanced Ink 150
Featherweights 220
Teleportation for Beginners 150

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