Joeh sign

The sign outside Joeh's shop.




He's a jerk, but he's good with a sword.


  • Area:
    • To the right of the Chemistry Building, across from Velkort



Close FriendsEdit



  • Likes Swords 
  • Likes Shields
  • Likes Chest gear
  • Likes Meat
  • Hates Jewelry

Hang OutEdit

  • Help refurbish used swords- 1 hour
    • 10 favor
    • 100 sword xp


  • Hunt Pigs with Joeh- 3 hours
    • 20 favor
    • 10 bacon


Item Price
Basic Sword 75
Basic Boots 63
Basic Pants 105
Basic Breastplate 126
Basic Gloves 63
Basic Helm  63
Basic Shield 63
Basic Brass Knuckles 75
Healing Potion 150
Armor Potion 125
Power Potion 150
Surveying Book 750
Simple Parchment 7
Basic Parchment  15
Good Parchment (favor level Friends?) 75
Expert's Parchment (favor level Close Friends?) ?
Master Parchment (favor level ?)


Basic Ink 15
Advanced Ink (favor level Friends?) 150
Expert Ink (favor level Close Friends?) ?
Inkstone (favor level Comfortable?) 375
Ink Remover (favor level Close Friends?) ?
Blank Book (favor level Comforable?) 150
Lucky Belt of The Soldier 180
Lucky Belt of The Gladiator 180


He has a vault of 10 slots for you to store your equipment. Your standing with him does not affect how many slots you have.

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