Lawara is an NPC found in the Tutorial Cave.

Lawara 0441


  • She seems tired, bored, and dirty.


  • Zone:
  • Area:
    • On the westernmost branch before the cave exit.



Hang out

  • 60 minutes: Comb out Lice
    • Gives the item Louse Comb
    • 10 favor gained
  • 4 hours: Carve Marionettes- Unlocked at Friends
    • 25 Favor gained
    • 300 Carpentry XP

Favor Rewards

  • Comfortable: Pathology kit
  • Friends:  Skinning Knife
  • Close Friends: Lawara's Mangled Platemail of Aimed shots
  • Best Friends: Unlocks 16 slots of storage

Gift Preferences

  • Loves Bread
  • Loves Art
  • Loves Bones


  • Giving Lawara the item "General Lawyr's Pants", which is found in the chest in the Tutorial cave, results in +62 favor.

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