A non-combat skill that can be learned from Kleave . It allows you to craft leather items, including clothing. 

Skill BonusesEdit

Endurance bonuses include max armor, max health, damage reduction

What Crystals - What BonusesEdit

Amethyst - Fire Magic, Battle Chemistry

Aquamarine - Archery

Bloodstone - Deer

Blue Spinel - Staff

Citrine - Archery, Battle Chemistry

Fluorite - Shield, Animal Handling

Lapis Lazuli - Sword, Archery, Lycanthropy, Alchemy, Unarmed, Psychology, Staff, Shield, Necromancy

Malachite - Cow, Pig, Deer, Spider

Moonstone - Lycanthropy

Obsidian - Cow

Redwall Crystals - Endurance

Serpentine - Necromancy

Tourmaline - Psychology

Related skillsEdit