Lycanthropy is a Combat Skill that is described in game as "Skill in fighting as a wolf beast. Also indicates your ability to control and suppress the beast mode."

Becoming a WerewolfEdit

Do quests for Rita and Harry.  Drink Werewolf Spittle.


Fighting as a werewolf is similar to Unarmed fighting, but you're using your claws and teeth instead of your fists.

Many items that give bonuses to Lycanthropy will also give the wearer various combos that will benefit the user in many ways.


Level Up Rewards:Edit

  • Level 2: Werewolf Bite
  • Level 3: Pack Attack
  • Level 5: Werewolf Pounce
  • Level 7: Werewolf Howl
  • Level 10: Werewolf Bite 2
  • Level 15: Werewolf Claw 2
  • Level 20: Pack Attack 2
  • Level 25: Werewolf Pounce 2
  • Level 30: Werewolf Howl 2
  • Level 35: Werewolf Claw 3
  • Level 38: Werewolf Bite 3
  • Level 40: Pack Attack 3
  • Level 45: Pouncing Rake 3
  • Level 50: Howl 3

Related Skills:Edit

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