Necromancy is a Combat Skill that is described in game as "Necromancy is control over the undead, along with other powers that trifle with mortality. To use necromantic abilities, you must be wielding or wearing a necromancy gem. You can often find these on weapons, and less often on pieces of armor. (If you are in a beast form, necromancy gems in weapons won't work, but ones in armor will.)"


Players may learn this skill by visiting a fountain on the second level of the Serbule crypt, accessed through the portal that appears after defeating Khyrulek.

It is important to note that this can be difficult for newer players; Khyrulek's Rhinos are particularly hard to deal with, and even after that the second level of the crypt is home to exploding sheep, Invincisnails, Psychic Mantises and Megaspiders.


It is also possible to obtain Free-Summon Skeletal Archer from Sir Arif.

Level Up Rewards:Edit

  • Level 1: Raise Skeleton Archer
  • Level 4: Life Crush
  • Level 6: Heal Undead
  • Level 10: Create Zombie
  • Level 15: Raise Skeleton Swordsman
  • Level 20: Hearts Power
  • Level 25: Raise Skeleton Mage
  • Level 30: Spleens Power
  • Level 35: Life Steal
  • Level 40: Create Zombie 2
  • Level 45: Life Crush 2
  • Level 50: Create Super Zombie (currently not functioning)

Related Skills:Edit

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