Pre-Alpha 3Edit

9/22/13: September 22 Update:

The last update added a bug that made almost all monsters' special abilities unusable, so this update is a little rushed to fix that issue. More (related) changes are underway!

New Vulnerability System
The way "vulnerabilities" work has been completely redone. The old one had too many different effects and it was hard to tell what to do. In the new system, there is only one kind of Vulnerability.

Every few seconds, there's a chance a monster will become Vulnerable. In this case, an icon will flash over their head (it looks like a sword in a red circle). Vulnerable monsters take extra damage from some abilities:

  •  Unarmed Kick and Knee Kick
  •  The "Strategic" line of fireballs (these are new, must be researched)
  • Archery "Heavy Shot" ability
  •  The mycology "Spore Bomb" abilities
  •  Psychology's "Strike a Nerve"
  •  Werewolves "Sanguine Fangs"
  •  All pig attacks (the pig skill needs to be redone, so this is just temporary)
  •  Staff abilities "Strategic Thrust" and "Headcracker" (new abilties, auto-learned)

Unlike the old Vulnerability system, the new Vulnerability effect doesn't turn off once the target gets hit. It lasts 5 seconds regardless. (This lets multiple group members take advantage of vulnerabilities.)

Staff Skill Changes:

  •  Most attacks deal higher damage now
  •  The ability Lunge is now a Piercing attack (as are the new abilities Strategic Thrust and Pin)
  •  New offensive abilities have been added. They are auto-learned as you advance in Staff skill: Headcracker, Strategic Thrust, Pin
  •  A new utility ability, Safe Fall, lets you take less damage from falls, and (at high level) fall more slowly, allowing you to steer as you fall. This ability goes on the side-bar.
  • If you already had levels in Staff, the new abilities have been automatically (and silently) added to your Ability List. Find them on the Persona window's Abilities tab and drag them onto your bar

Treasure System Tweaks:

  •  Enchanted weapons now have a MUCH higher chance of being tailored to that weapon's skill. So most swords will have Sword buffs, most staves have Fire Magic or Staff buffs, most bows will have Archery buffs, etc.
  •  Many rings are also attuned to specific skills (so a Sword of Furry Clawing that has additional powers will probably have werewolf-related powers, for instance).
  •  Armor is still very random, though certain quest rewards will now make more sense (e.g. a quest-reward Brainwave Safety Hat will usually have enchantments pertaining to mentalism or psychology, as opposed to some random other skill)
  •  Flasks were not being generated with enchantments most of the time
  •  Several TSys abilities for Sword and Staff were replaced. (The old ones tied into the old Vulnerability system; they've been replaced with debuff procs)
  • Several TSys effects that buffed Wind Strike were not working correctly
  • A couple of new TSys abilities for Staff (more to come)


  •  Due to a bug in the last update, monsters were not able to use any of their special abilities, making them very easy to defeat!
  •  A scrollbar now appears in the quest panel for long quests
  •  When no map is available for a dungeon, it now shows "No Map Available", rather than showing the newbie-cave map erroneously.
  •  Even if No Map is Available, on most maps you will be able to see your location and your group-mates' locations relative to yours. (They'll be floating on a map-less background, but at least you can see relative positions.)
  •  (Eventually there will be maps for all areas, along with a map-clearing mechanism so the map isn't fully revealed at once. But not yet.)
  •  Depending on your quest state it wasn't always possible to re-learn Calligraphy from Joeh after the recent reset of the skill
  •  Mentalism's Mindreave ability has been revised to do more damage at lower Power cost. Plus the correct icon has been attached
  •  Mentalism's System Shock has been revised to do more damage at lower lower Power cost
  •  Battle Chemistry Golem's Invigorating Mist has been nerfed by 10 power at each level (a temporary adjustment until golem gets some more attention)
  •  The "puttering" and "warmth ball" fireball spell families have had their Power costs slightly increased. (More rebalancing/changes to come soon)

9/19/13: September 19 Update:

Not much new here, still getting all the ducks in a row for future content. But this update does squash some bugs, with more to come in a couple days.

What To Watch Out For:
We've rewritten the code that decides what you're allowed to do in the game (such as equip armor, drink potions, use an ability, use a recipe, and so on). This was just a clean-up to prepare for the next batch of features, so theoretically everything in-game is still the same. But please keep an eye out for bugs! If you can use something you're not supposed to be able to, or can't use something you used to be able to, please report it, along with whatever message it displays (if any). Thanks!

New Features:

  •  Most quests can now be canceled. There's a Cancel button on the quest panel. You can re-obtain any cancelable quest by talking to the appropriate NPC (assuming you still meet the requirements, e.g. wolf form). If you find any bugs with quests that can't be re-obtained, please report them!
  • An improved version of the "/who" command is "/who all", which will list all players online, no matter what zone they're in. It will stop after listing 100 players, so it'll be somewhat useless in the final game, but very useful during development!

Bug Fixes:

  •  You could get more than the max-allowed number of bank slots (!)
  •  The /r command works again
  •  A small number of hang-out activities were supposed to be repeatable, either continuously or with a few days' or weeks' delay. But these were never showing up as repeatable.
  •  Jara wouldn't teach you Carpentry if you were in the middle of the bear-in-the-barn quest
  •  Cardinal direction messages were reversed on surveying maps in Serbule
  •  Surveying maps that led to the north-west corner of the Eltibule map were unreachable. No new maps will lead to that area. Pre-existing broken maps are perma-broken, though, sorry
  •  Fey Panthers are now categorized as Fey, not Cats
  •  The Mangler and The Mauler are now categorized as Fey, not Bears
  •  Enemy sigil traps are now worth XP when defeated, and have an autopsy level (they are Constructs)
  •  More bugs with abilities not correctly overwriting other abilities on the ability bar when you gain levels
  •  The initial Carpentry recipe gives a little more XP the first time you use it, pushing you to level 3, so that you can immediately buy the level 3 carpentry recipe instead of having to grind wood chips

9/12/13: September 12 Update:

In this update we dramatically changed three skills, and had to wipe your progress in them. We appreciate your understanding about skill resets. Sometimes they're unavoidable, but we'll work hard to keep them minimal and rare.

Calligraphy has been revised and reset:

  •  Your skill in Calligraphy has been reset to 0 and all known Calligraphy recipes are removed (except for Secret Recipes you found through loot)
  •  You still learn Calligraphy the same way, but the recipes and effects have been revised
  •  Some additional Secret Calligraphy recipes have been added to higher-tier monster loot
  •  The duration of Calligraphy effects is still 1 hour, but note that you can now DRAMATICALLY increase the duration through the use of Calligraphy Benches, which can be created with Carpentry

Meditation has been revised and reset:

  •  Your skill in Meditation has been reset to 0 and all known Meditation recipes are removed
  • You still learn Meditation the same way, but the recipes and effects have been revised
  •  The duration of Meditation effects is still 1 hour, but note that you can now DRAMATICALLY increase the duration through the use of Meditation Stools, which can be created with Carpentry

Carpentry has been revised:

  • Your skill in Carpentry has been reset, and any recipes you knew have been erased (because they aren't learned automatically anymore; you have to buy them)
  •  You learn Carpentry, and buy Carpentry recipes, from Jara, the elf near the barn in Serbule. (The barn with the bear in it!)
  •  There are dozens of new recipes for Carpentry, with many more in the works as additional skills come online
  •  You no longer gain XP in Carpentry by picking up lumber in the forest. (That's now a Gathering activity.)
  • Currently all items you make with Carpentry are destroyed when used. This will be changed in the future for some items, such as chairs. (Chairs are often a bad value proposition right now, but will soon be deployable 10 times per chair.)
  •  Basic nails are available from Mushroom Jack. Basic nails and new "strong nails" are available from Yetta (in the castle courtyard) and Sie Antry

Experimental "Creature Card" GUI:

  •  If you have at least 1 point in the Anatomy skill for your selected target, you'll see a small box at the bottom of the screen which shows that monster's max hit points and max armor.
  •  If you have at least 5 points in the skill, you'll also see info about the monster's attacks.
  • This is an experimental GUI. It's not clear that this GUI is useful -- it may be more confusing than helpful, or may need major revision. Your feedback is GREATLY appreciated!

Additional Hang-Out Activities:

  •  Mushroom Jack x2
  •  Yetta x4
  •  Flia x4
  • Hulon x3
  • Marna x3
  • Ukorga x1
  • Sanja x2
  • Jace Soral x1
  • Elahil x3 (plus 5 favors)
  • Tadion x4

Bug Fixes/Changes:

  •  The first training option in each NPC's training list wasn't being shown! This made some skills unlearnable
  •  Spawned entities such as flowers, vegetables, and furniture were disappearing instantly after being used!
  •  Spiders' selection boxes have been tweaked to be less large and jumpy
  •  Group GUI shouldn't pop up immediately for new players anymore
  •  Added an indicator when your selected target is off-screen (rather than just showing no selection box at all)
  •  Ice fishing now has a percent chance to destroy your saw, instead of destroying it 100% of the time
  •  Sewer rats now have correct anatomy information
  •  ALL monsters now have an anatomy category
  •  Several new anatomy categories were added
  •  Made more tweaks to the targeting system to try to get intuitive behavior
  •  Chat window now stays on the same tab when you switch between zones

9/5/13: September 5 Update:Edit

Basic Grouping:

  •  You can now create temporary hunting groups with allies. To group with someone, examine them and choose "Invite to Group." The new Social GUI window lets you select them or disband.
  •  Group members will show as green dots on your map if they're in your area
  • You can talk in a Group chat channel. Press the channel-selector button until it says "Group", or use "/g" to talk in the group channel

Other Changes and Bug Fixes:

  •  Most craft-recipes weren't giving XP upon completion! Fixed.
  • The "Dismiss" button for pets actually dismisses pets now
  •  Made it cheaper to buy the first few dozen slots from the shared inventory bank. (As a reference point, it previously capped out at 32 slots, with the last slot costing 900,000. It now caps out at 48 slots, with the last slot costing 300,000.)
  •  The Quest window now has a Notepad where you can keep notes
  •  Quest-only items (items with no other use but completing a quest) now have a red outline in the Inventory window
  •  The attribute boosts for the Notoriety skill were being displayed as +0 in the Skill panel
  • The new NPC-related attributes have been added to the Persona window's Stats tab
  •  The favor "Rita's Soap" was not completable because Helena didn't react to the soap
  •  High-level arrowheads were missing their icon
  •  Old Fangsworth and The Salmpo now give notoriety on death
  •  Mushroom Jack was keyed to a specific plot-mushroom from pre-alpha 2; now he just checks your Mycology skill to decide if he'll talk to you

8/26/13: Auguest 26 Update:

New content is going to take longer than expected, so this is a quick bugfix update, along with a smattering of small content changes that were ready to go.

  •  New Skill, "Notoriety", gives you small bonuses when interacting with NPCs. You earn Notoriety by defeating unique monsters and bosses (basically any enemy with a proper name). Unfortunately we didn't track your previous kill exploits, so you won't retroactively get credit for bosses you've already killed, sorry.
  • Normalized (and lowered) the cost of Training, so that top-tier abilities cost 15k-20k, instead of 50k
  •  A lot of NPCs that sold "recipe scrolls" now have Training options to do the same thing. This is a little cleaner, and lets you get benefits from Notoriety that reduces Training cost.
  •  The recipe scrolls that used to be sold by NPCs (but aren't anymore) are marked with the word "OBSOLETE" in their title. If you have one, please use it or sell it ASAP, because it will be disappearing from your inventory soon!
  •  Archers can now get critical hits if they have enough of the appropriate Anatomy skill for their target. The chance of a critical hit is 1% for every 8 points of appropriate anatomy skill. The default damage bonus from a critical hit is 25%, but can be raised from equipment. (A random treasure power was added to raise critical hit damage; more effects that modify criticals will come later, such as criticals that stun.)
  •  Basic archery equipment is now easily discoverable in the tutorial cave. (In a box in the weird-weather room.)
  •  Flia's unarmed abilities are now provided as Training service instead of scrolls. The scrolls can be found in rare-recipe loot, for players who aren't animals (although befriending Flia is still probably the easiest way to get all of them.)
  •  Two new unarmed abilities (in three tiers each) have been added to the rare-recipe loot table: Knee Kick and Jab. They will eventually be trainable by an NPC, most likely.
  • There is now a "Dismiss" button for pets so you can get rid of them more quickly. Please report any oddness you see when using this button!
  •  Tamed rats that die will now from your pet GUI quickly, instead of waiting for their bodies to rot
  •  Added yet another mechanism to try to keep monsters on the Unity pathfinding map without falling through the ground; you would think this would be an easy thing to fix, wouldn't you?
  •  Corrected some minus signs when calculating percentage-damage boosts (they were actually lowering damage instead, oops)

8/21/13: Auguest 21 Update:Edit

This is just a quick bugfix update.

Changes to cow newbie experience:

  •  Cows now get Front Kick at cow level 2, so that they have enough damaging potential to defeat the Old Skeleton Guards in the later part of the newbie dungeon
  •  The Cow skill now gives you +20 extra health at level 1, so cows can take a little more punishment at low level
  •  The Cow skill "Chew Cud" has been buffed to heal more at each level of skill. (Was 25/50/75, is now 33/66/100)
  •  A few "bales of hay" have been added to the newbie dungeon so that unfortunate cows can find grass to Chew Cud (even though they can't Graze while indoors)

Bug fixes:

  •  loot spoons are no longer infinite
  •  fixed many issues with abilities that shouldn't put you into combat mode, but did
  • the new newbie-cave rooms were not on the newbie-cave map
  •  cows can now graze in the tundra, because it's outdoors
  • "Indirect damage" effects should now be working (but haven't been tested too much yet, please report if there are issues!)
  • bears no longer remove all your Power when they bear-hug you
  •  Maronessa can no longer use her rage ability without paying any rage cost
  •  removed confusing green-text usernames from chat log
  •  fireballs and fate-worse-than-death warning screens made sound even if you had sound turned off

8/17/13: Auguest 17 Update:Edit

Tweaks to the newbie experience:

  •  There is no longer a "cursed bucket". Instead, there's a completely unnecessary boss monster in the newbie dungeon that you can fight if you want... but with unfortunate consequences if you lose. (This was done so that we're teaching players how the game's usual curses work; it was weird for the tutorial's curse to be atypical of the rest of the game.)
  •  Lawara, an NPC in the newbie cave, now uses the favor system, to help teach people how it works
  •  Riger, an NPC in the newbie cave, no longer has a "hidden quest." It's become a standard quest to make it easier for newbies to understand what's going on

Please try the new newbie experience if you have a few minutes, and give feedback on things that do/don't work. If you have a powerful character, please also attempt the "boss" in the newbie cave. (If you can solo Ursula, you should have little trouble.)

Bug Fixes:

  •  Ice bears were statted with health/armor for level 15 bears instead of level 35 bears
  • Orcs were using Ice Bear AI and stats, which meant they had dramatically less health/armor than intended, but had the horrific bear-hug ability. Also, you could skin them to get bearskins
  •  Bears and wolves in the tundra area were supposed to occasionally drop "Tufts of fur", needed for a quest and various recipes; they didn't ever drop this
  •  The map of the new area wasn't available
  •  You could go through the invisible "there's nothing beyond this point" barriers by right-clicking through them at certain points, ultimately allowing you to wander off the map and plummet to your demise
  •  Made the "travel to Kor Mountains" portal easier to use (by giving a broader radius where it auto-completes)
  •  Water in the newbie cave had become invisible
  • Werewolf's Smell Fear attack is now a no-rage-inciting attack, so that its intended purpose (rage reduction) works better
  •  Werewolf's Winter Coat buff has become "Become Winter Wolf", an alternate version of "Become Wolf". This clears up some weird use-cases. Just use that ability to become a wolf and you'll get the winter buff, as well as a white winter coat animal form.
  •  If your inventory was full and you tried to pick up a spawned resource on the ground, you'd get an error message, but the item would be destroyed as if you picked it up
  •  When a monster dropped a stack of items as loot, it was shown in the loot window as a single item
  •  If you are out of inventory space when you skin a monster, the skin should now go into the monster's loot list, rather than being lost

Misc. Changes:

  •  Slightly increased the average damage done by the biting winds
  • Tweaked winter wolf stats slightly

8/8/13: Auguest 8 Update:Edit

A new section of the world has opened! It's for players whose favorite combat skills are at least 35. It's accessible from the northwest corner of the "castle" map. The new area is still under construction, and is missing a mini-map, but there's already lots of stuff to find. Among the other content, we're especially interested in feedback about the new werewolf abilities that can be discovered, as well as the new fishing mechanics.

Other changes:

  • New players no longer start with 2500 free gold coins. (That was from back when we were testing vendors in pre-alpha 2!)
  •  If you have more than 10 million gold, the Inventory screen now displays your insane wealth correctly
  •  Arrows now stack to 1000 instead of 250
  • You can now use /reply (or just /r) in chat to reply to the last person that sent you a tell. (Use /tell, or just /t, to tell something to a specific user)
  • if you use a non-offensive ability while out of combat, you are no longer considered to be "in combat" for the purpose of out-of-combat regeneration. (However, if you are already in combat, then using any ability -- offensive or not -- keeps you in combat for longer. The change only keeps you from going into combat when you're wandering around.)
  •  Starting from today forward, NPCs will remember their resale inventory even if the server is shut down and restarted
  •  NPCs have various improvements, most notably the ability to sell items for you if they are close enough friends. Joeh, Mushroom Jack, and several others have this ability.
  •  NPCs who like gifts of equipment and weapons no longer find store-bought weapons particularly interesting. They're looking for exotic loot (or at least crafted items)
  •  NPCs now have a different thank-you message when you give them gifts, depending on whether they like it, hate it, or are indifferent to it
  •  The teleport tower that used to be in the upper-right corner of the "castle" zone is gone now (it was the one labeled "pointless corner")
  •  Fixed some item and ability icons
  •  Reduced the sell-value of Poisoned Blades (the value didn't take into account that they now come in stacks of 5, so it was 500% too high)
  •  Lowered the base cash-value of armor, especially at the high end of the scale, in an attempt to stop generating quite so much money so quickly
  •  (Note that white-tier ("common") items will retroactively lower in value, but, due to a quirk in the engine, pre-existing enchanted items will keep their old value forever.)

7/21/13: July 21 Update:Edit

  •  Fixed some GUI issues with buttons being odd sizes
  • Fixed a bug that let you complete Hang Out activities instantaneously. (Hopefully fixed all the issues! If you see more please report them.)
  • You can once again drag items out of storage boxes
  •  Mac users, if you have only a one-button mouse, you can simulate right-clicking by holding down the Command button while clicking
  •  Removed the hard-coded movement behaviors for mice with 4+ buttons, so that you can map those buttons to whatever behavior you like in the config panel
  •  When you get a higher tier of an ability, it will no longer automatically replace the lower tier version on your ability bar if the two tiers have different consumable items

7/20/13: July 20 Update:Edit

Surveying Adjustments:

  • Made it easier to collect surveys. Now you just need to be anywhere within the red square shown on the map. However, the red square is smaller. Remember that you can increase the size of maps via a button on the map window
  •  Fixed surveying maps that claimed the resources were north instead of south
  •  Redwall surveying maps accidentally had many non-Redwall results possible, making it difficult to obtain Redwall for use in blue crystal survey maps
  •  XP earned from creating and following surveys has been increased (to about double for mining/geology, a bit less for surveying)
  •  Surveying maps now result in 1 to 3 ores/gems, rather than always yielding a single ore/gem

Hanging Out:

  • If you are Comfortable with an NPC, your character can now arrange to hang out with them when you go offline. Your character will complete simple tasks while you're gone, and you will receive small amounts of Favor with the NPC, as well as various random items (including some unique items, but also lots of junk). Look for the "Hang Out" menu option.
  •  Most of the favor-setup NPCs in Serbule have hang out options, and some NPCs elsewhere. More will be added soon

Other Changes:

  • When you give a gift to an NPC and they don't care about that type of item, you now get only 1/3 of the amount of Favor you used to get for these unwanted gifts. This may make certain NPCs extremely difficult to befriend; if so, that may or may not be intentional. Please give feedback if you think an NPC's gift range/favors/hangouts are insufficient to befriend the character with a reasonable amount of effort!
  •  You can now harvest wood without having to equip a saw -- you just need one in your inventory (and have hands to use it)
  •  The item rewards from quests and NPC activities will now be enhanced to at least Uncommon (green) level, with random benefits. This is intended to make the rewards more interesting and competitive with randomly-found loot.
  •  The "Dig Deep" abilities were set to restore health and/or armor, but not Power as intended
  •  The Nameless Guardian in the crypt now has his (fairly mild) Fate Worse than Death
  •  There's also a simple puzzle in The Nameless Guardian's chamber
  • Tweaked the targeting system so that if you're attacked while you've selected the corpse of a monster you just killed, the attacking monster becomes your target instead. This doesn't apply if you manually select it, only if it's automatically selected for you
  •  An informational message is shown if you try to re-summon Ursula before ten minutes are up
  •  The Escape key closes open windows in the order they were opened, and only opens the Config screen if no other windows are open. (If you'd assigned Escape to some other function manually, you'll need to change one or the other in the config window, as both commands will be active right now!)
  •  GUI Windows don't forget their state when you switch zones

7/14/13: July 14 Update:Edit

Important: the deer and cow skills have been reorganized. If you are a deer or cow, your ability bar may now contain abilities you're too low-level for. There are also probably deer/cow abilities you're missing, because they were added just now! Open the Persona window and click the Abilities tab. Find Cow or Deer, and drag the abilities onto your bar. Sorry for the hassle.

Some Skills Have Been Adjusted:

  • The skill "Lore" no longer directly buffs Fire Magic abilities at a flat rate. It now has a much reduced effect, boosting different damage categories by a percentage amount.
  • The damage that used to be added to Fire Magic via Lore has now been directly added to the spells, and then some. The top-tier fire spells now do +20 more damage than before.
  • Fire Magic spells cost less Power in general, especially at higher level
  • Psychology: the core ability Psychoanalyze has been rewritten. It now slows the rate at which monsters can fill their Rage meters, keeping them from using their Rage Attacks as often.
  • Psychology: power costs have been lowered slightly for most abilities
  • Deer: changed the fast-reuse ability from Kick to Antler Slash. The role of Antler Slash is now played by Kick. Tweaked levels, costs, and damage amounts. Overall, this is a buff for deer who are not using specialized weapons, but a nerf to deer with heavily Kick-oriented gear
  • Cow: similarly to deer, cows now have a fast-reuse ability that is not a kick ("stampede"). The kick is now on a slower reset time and does more damage. The stunning bash has been moved around. The result is significantly better DPS for base cattle, but the usefulness of kick-boosting equipment has been greatly reduced.
  • Battle Chemistry: still in the midst of improvements, but one improvement has already been made: the damage of the various Bomb abilities has been significantly boosted

A Major Change to Treasure Effects: (Note: these changes ARE retroactive; your old equipment has been changed)

  • Treasure effects that gave a universal bonus to a skill (such as "+5 to All Staff Abilities") have been changed to give percentage bonuses instead. For instance, a sword that added +3 sword damage might now add +30% sword damage. This percentage bonus is calculated after all other bonuses, resulting in the largest possible benefit.
  • (Treasure effects that boost individual abilities remain unchanged; this only applies to boosts that affect an entire skill)

Other Stuff:

  • Previous Experiment Ended: Power works as it did before the previous update: if you run out of Power, you can't use any abilities.
  • A new ability "Dig Deep" is unlocked via the Endurance skill. This is intended as an emergency Power recharge if you miscalculate and run out of power mid-combat. It's usable once every two minutes. (Existing characters will find it in the Persona window and can drag it to the far-left ability bar.) This ability is probably most useful to newbies, since there are many other ways to regenerate Power for higher-level players. But it might end up being useful at high level, too, it's hard to say just yet.
  • Surveying tweaks: you can now collect the survey item from up to 10 meters away instead of 5. If you're more than 10 meters away, the game tells you exactly how many meters north/south and east/west you are, to make it easier to hone in on the location.
  • A new chunk of hallways in the crypt are populated with new monsters. (The rooms those hallways lead to, however, are still largely empty.)
  • When you unlock a higher-level version of an ability you already had, that higher-level version will automatically place itself overtop of the old version on your ability bar (if it's on your ability bar!)
  • Fixed some bugs with abilities that had armor-reduction (such as werewolf Bite and cow Front Kick)
  • Fixed annoying auto-move bugs where you would run to get closer to your target but then stop and not actually use your ability
  • Local chat: speak only to players within a few hundred meters of you by switching from "Global" to "Nearby" in the chat window
  • You can send private messages via slash-commands: "/t playername message" (Not new, but not documented)
  • Added some new treasure effects for Cow, Deer, Battle Chemistry, and Archery skills
  • added a new high-end alchemy recipe to loot
  • Fixed a bug that caused higher-level monsters to generate less Range than they were supposed to
  • In general, monsters' Rage attacks do more damage than before
  • several monsters (including brain bugs, nightmares, goblin spear scouts, more) do a little more damage with each of their regular attacks due to bugfixes
  • Warmth Bolts was tagged as a fireball instead of a fire bolt, causing the wrong treasure effects to trigger
  • Heartlight Frostball/Super Heartlight Frostabll drained power as well as health, accidentally
  • "Prolonged Agony" fire magic effect used to add +1 to +10 fire DoT damage; now adds +10% to +100%
  • The effect that made Psi Adrenaline Wave boost Finishing Blow has changed. It now boosts Slashing attacks by a percentage amount
  • The effect that made Psi Adrenaline Wave System Shock has changed. It now boosts Electricity attacks by a percentage amount
  • The effect that made Psi Adrenaline Wave boost Double Hit has changed. It now boosts Crushing attacks by a percentage amount
  • "Linger Arrows" archery effect had a buggy ordering of tiers, and sometimes lower-tier versions were more potent that higher-tier versions. They have been reordered
  • "Bombing" battle-chemistry effect has been deemed way too powerful for a low-tier effect. Pre-existing items still have the effect, but on future items, this can only be found on Epic (purple or Legendary (yellow) equipment.

7/9/13: July 9 Update:Edit

New Skills:

  • Crystals no longer spawn on the ground, and metal slabs are now only rarely found in loot.
  • Instead, using Surveying, Geology, and Mining to obtain these items.
  • For now, you can get all three of these skills trivially, just by reading a book sold by Joeh in Serbule. (Eventually they'll be attached to NPC favor levels.)
  • Joeh also sells the papers and inks needed for surveying.

Power Works Differently:

  • An experimental change has been made to the game rules. If you try to use an ability when you don't have enough Power, you can still use the ability. The missing Power comes out of your Health bar instead. (You can't kill yourself this way, but you can be reduced to 1 health.)
  • The ability icons will have a purple outline if using that ability will drain your health.
  • The Flesh to Fuel abilities are useless given this change. But since it's just an experiment, those abilities can just remain unused for now while we try this out. We'll replace those abilities with something else if we keep this system.
  • If you notice other side-effects of this change (besides Flesh to Fuel being pointless) please point them out!

Other Changes and Bugfixes:

  • More work on the falling-through-the-ground bug. The previous update's bug fixes have had their fixes fixed.
  • Further nerfed raw fruit so they fit in the stacking priority correctly
  • Blacksmithing skill gave out the same level-up rewards as Endurance; this was in error. It was also accidentally marked as a combat skill, which had some odd ramifications
  • The monster wandering code has been changed to improve performance. Monsters in Eltibule's landing zone still wander like crazy, but they now stay closer to their "home" rather than going on mile-long treks
  • Fixed bug that caused you to auto-run to an enemy without being able to stop, and when you reached the enemy, killed you from "falling damage." It was a pretty great bug.
  • "Testing spider" has left Serbule. He has moved into the crypt. (And will eventually disappear completely when the boss is in.)
  • Did you play-test as a spider? If so, please send feedback! Was it hard? Fun? Boring? Overpowered?
  • Kalaba still doesn't have favor quests or rewards yet, so don't bother leveling up his favor yet! However, he does sell a couple of minor blacksmithing recipes already.
  • Added a new tip to the newbie cave explaining about Rage, and using Parry to reduce rage

7/4/13: July 4 Update:Edit

New Content:

  • A new NPC in Serbule can teach you Blacksmithing if he likes you enough (and if your Armor Patching skill is at least 25)
  • Most Blacksmithing recipes aren't in yet, but some recipes for augmenting metal armor are available. They require metal slabs, which are (currently) found in loot. Eventually there will be a skill focused on mining metal
  • Kalaba, an NPC in the castle courtyard, will have lots of blacksmithing content, but he didn't *quite* get done in time. His favors (and more recipes) will be in the next update.
  • New high-level dinosaurs populate another segment of the "castle" zone
  • Added Meditation Pillars to the castle zone. (All pillars are using placeholder combos that have wildly diverse power levels. They will be rebalanced in a future update!)

Selection Tweaks:

  • Some work was done on the selection system. Mostly, this meant making the tab key only select stuff that's actually visible on screen, not stuff behind you. But there were other subtle tweaks made as well.
  • We're trying to make the tab key magically know what you mean to do in any given situation, which will of course never be 100% accurate, but can probably get a lot better with more tweaks. If you think it should work differently in a given situation, please send feedback that includes any relevant details you can think of!
  • Previously, you could select yourself by tab-selecting. This is no longer true, because you very rarely need t o select yourself in this game. If you 'do' need to select yourself, press the "Select Self" key, which is F1 by default.

First Aid/Armor Patching Changes:

  • These abilities now cost 0 power to use (they still consume a kit, though)
  • The amount they heal has been reduced significantly at each tier. Was 50/100/150/200/250, is now 35/55/75/100/125


  • Added new safety guardrails to keep players and monsters from falling through the ground when auto-navigating. Likely about 90% effective right now
  • Monsters in the castle zone can wander around again
  • Sacrificial Altars now give more Lore XP than before (for new people who use them; sorry, not retroactive)
  • Swapped the levels that you get "Many Cuts" and "Parry" so that new players have access to Parry almost immediately
  • The glowing tomb in the graveyard beneath Serbule can now be mouse-selected instead of just tab-selected
  • The "Use" hotkey now works on monster corpses
  • Fixed a bug where your character's last minute of play might not be saved on logout
  • The beneficial effects of raw fruit has been nerfed to be lower than the benefits of recipes that use the fruit
  • Chicken Drumsticks have been rebalanced as snacks (which they are) instead of meals
  • Some clothing items' appearances have changed
  • Removed the pointless skill-level requirement when autopsying the corpse-with-sword in the newbie cave
  • Changing your active combat skills now immediately changes the attribute bonuses you get from them

In order to add more crafting feature, lots of code was added to the server. The most heavily-changed code was the logic that equips armor and weapons, so please be on the lookout for bugs in that vein. (For instance, bugs where you stop wearing an item, but still keep its effects.) Thanks, and happy 4th of July!

7/1/13: July 1 Update:Edit


  • Our ISP was having a bad day yesterday and disconnecting a lot of people. We had actually been working toward switching to a new datacenter anyway, so we finished that up. Hopefully this one will be able to keep connections better.
  • If you can't connect right now, please give it an hour for DNS to propagate. (Should be done by 7am EST, unless your LAN caches DNS longer.)
  • If you had become a cursed animal form before last week, a bug caused your animal form to be permanent -- potions wouldn't cure it. So we've removed these broken curses from you, and you're normal again.
  • The exception is bugged werewolves! Because lycanthropy is much more complex than the other animal forms, we couldn't automatically clean it up. If you've been a werewolf for more than a week, and find you can't get out of wolf form when you're sure you should be able to, please send a bug report and we'll manually clean up your character.
  • If you're still a spider, you might want to buy the un-spider juice now, just to have it on hand. The spider NPC in town will be moving to the depths of the crypt soon.

Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • The newbie-town's map is back (it was showing the newbie cave map)
  • Fixed some issues with monsters circle-strafing opponents unintentionally
  • Tor-Uraks are now classified as Arthropods instead of Aberrations, for anatomy purposes
  • The sewer exit into the crypt now connects to the sewer dungeon, making it a two-way portal
  • THe opening in the sewer dungeon's grate is slightly larger to allow wolves and various domesticated animals to pass through
  • Removed the erroneous negative-number XP messages when you level up a skill
  • Marna now has new Favor quests. She also gives favor for completing the "Kill Deer" quest
  • Warning screens for bosses should now only show for people who are actually near the boss, not everyone in the entire zone
  • Hateboots are red
  • Changed Best Speech timeout to 20 XP per 60 seconds, instead of 10 XP per 30 seconds, to discourage chat spamming

6/29/13: Jun 29 Update:Edit

Note: if you were turned into an animal before June 27, potions that cure your condition won't work on your right now! If you drink them, you'll waste your potion. Please sit tight, the potions will work again soon!

This is a quick follow-up update to fix some bugs introduced in the last update: But also:

  • Sprinting has changed. It now costs NO power to sprint out of combat, but sprinting in combat (that is, shortly after you use an ability or have an ability used on you) costs more than before.
  • The previous system had a complex method of determining whether you receive "out of combat" regeneration or "in combat" regeneration. This has all been stripped away, resulting in what is hopefully a very obvious system with less downtime.
  • added two new status icons on top of the health/armor/power box. They appear when you're "in combat" or when you're sprinting. These are mainly for debugging, and for helping you, the pre-alpha players, figure out how things work right now. They're unlikely to remain in the final game.
  • It's now easier for monster to keep up with you if you backpedal to try to avoid their melee attacks
  • Monster now choose to run home MUCH quicker than before. (Possibly to the point of exploitability?)
  • Added some newbie monsters and mushrooms to one of the hilly areas near Serbule
  • Adjusted the rate at which you receive Endurance XP
  • Extra inventory slots from Endurance now show up immediately

6/27/13: Jun 27 Update:Edit

Ability Bar Experiment:

  • The ability bars have been stacked on top of each other. This is just an experiment. THe goal is to make it easier to intermix the two skills during combat. Please let us know your thoughts!
  • The default key bindings for the second ability bar have been changed to Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+6. This has not changed for existing players! If you find the current keyboard keys awkward for the second bar, please open the Config window (the gear icon) and see if changing them to Ctrl+1 - Ctrl+6 (or some other keys) make it easier to intermix the two skills.

Food, drink, and snakcs have been re-configured:

  • Food restores both power and health, and in MUCH higher rates than before
  • Drink only restores power, and at half the rate of food, but it stacks with food. Plut is has an immediate power-heal
  • Snacks only restore health, and at half the rate of food, but it stacks with food. Plus it has an immediate health-heal

New Skill:

  • A new skill, Endurance, levels up automatically as you take Armor damage from enemies you kill. Higher Endurance levels increase the rate of armor regeneration out of combat. (Among other things.)

Other stuff:

  • The recipe window shows you what the recipe will create beforehand. (For recipes with fixed results.)
  • Players can't be infected by the same disease multiple times simultaneously. (However, this isn't retroactive so if you already have two or more copies of a disease, you'll still have them, sorry.)
  • Multiple players with Mentalism buffs can't buff each other with the same wave effect -- you can only have three copies of any given wave at once. However, they can (and should) each buff with DIFFERENCE waves, e.g. one with Power Wave and one with Health Wave.
  • Fixed enhanced pineal juice so you don't get withdrawal symptoms early
  • Fixed the water in the "castle" zone (Eltibule Keep) so that it doesn't cause falling damage when you slowly sink to the bottom
  • Plugged in several new placeholder models for different staves and shields, and fixed some invisible shields
  • Improved the quality of loot from skeletons, spiders, snails (slightly), a few others
  • Battle Chemistry mutations now last 5 minutes instead of 1 minute. However, if you stop using Battle Chemistry, any mutations you'd applied (to yourself or others) are immediately canceled.
  • Battle Chemistry Flasks can be wielded in either hand. (If right-clicking it doesn't put it into the hand you want, drag and drop it from your inventory to the correct slot.) This does not apply to flask-staffs, only flasks.
  • Several new flasks were added to the loot tables.

6/24/13: Jun 24 Update:Edit

Formalized what the color-coded treasure levels mean:

  • Uncommon (green): one extra power, chosen as appropriate for the difficulty of the monster
  • Rare (blue): two or three extra powers, chosen as appropriate for the difficulty of the monster
  • Epic (Purple): two to four extra powers, with at least one power significantly more potent than lower tiers
  • Legendary (Yellow): three to five extra powers, with at least one power significantly more potent than lower tiers

Other Stuff:

  • Therese the gardener has a few Favors and reward items, including a new drink recipe (stacks with food) and a new way to make fertilizer
  • Therese now fully interacts with animal forms, instead of only selling a few things
  • Server will now take you out of the world after 15 seconds if you are unexpectedly disconnected, so you can log back in quickly
  • Because the windmill can animate, Unity's path-mapping system refuses to create path-maps for it, causing pets to fall through the floor of it. Therese has been moved out of the windmill until a work-around can be found.
  • Monsters (and PLAYERS!) no longer have two extra points of acid resistance that they weren't supposed to have.
  • Nerfed acid spiders because now that their acid works they were horrifically dangerous. Beware, they are still pretty horrific
  • Changed the rate of acid-dot from player-spider's Spit Acid ability. Total damage is unaffected but damage is applied every 5 seconds instead of every 1 second.
  • Player-spider's Grappling Web ability has a modest taunt effect to get the now-flung enemy focused on the player
  • If a monster dies while on fire, poisoned, stunned, etc., the particle effects are put out immediately
  • Reverted some jump settings because they look odd in different (non-humanoid) contexts
  • While underwater, the "move up"/"move down" keys now work. (They are mapped to R and F by default.)
  • The jump button also moves you up, as before, but more smoothly
  • The shift key makes you swim up/down faster (and burn power) just as if you were running
  • If you fall into water, you take less damage (and can fall further without taking any damage)
  • Added a new hint box to the tutorial to tell you to eat food if you miss the gruel
  • Added steam to the gruel bucket in the tutorial so you're more likely to notice it
  • Hardcore players no longer take item damage when falling off the world
  • Per request, added /roll command which rolls dice and announces the results to nearby players
  • A static loot item in the river under Serbule was broken

6/20/13: Jun 20 Update:Edit

  • There's a new mini-dungeon area accessible from Serbule (below the waterfall). This is an off-the-beaten-path solo dungeon (so the respawn rate is slow) and is intended for very new players (with combat skills around 10)
  • Rewrote the jumping code. Your jump speed may be weaker. Or stronger. Not sure
  • Rebalanced Fire Magic abilities to make them more practical to use. (They are still very power-hungry, though, which is intentional)
  • Added about 20 new treasure effects, mostly for Mentalism

Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Reduced the numbers of some spawns in crypt dungeon, and slowed their respawn rate
  • Acid Sigils now use the correct appearance, instead of looking like healing sigils
  • Acid abilities did +1 more damage than intended
  • Regression - re-fixed the water in Serbule
  • Players can fall from greater heights before taking damage
  • Deer's Bounding Escape ability now also gives modestly enhanced jumping ability
  • When you level up a skill and earn bonus levels in another skill, you won't actually get those bonus levels until you have learned the skill. (This keeps you from e.g. discovering Psychology just by leveling Mentalism high enough to get a bonus Psychology point.)
  • Pets can once again understand that they shouldn't aggressively attack things you aren't fighting, unless they are in "Assist" mode. This makes "Follow" and "Defend" modes work again.
  • Pets that get too far away from their owners while in Defend or Assist modes will stop fighting and try t o get back to their owners
  • Pet spiders now reliably show up in the Pet panel
  • The recipe Calligraphy: Treachery requires a rotten strawberry instead of flour

6/16/13: Jun 16 Update:Edit

Up for some testing? Then try being a spider! There is a new spider NPC in Serbule near the bear barn. It's temporary for a week or two, and sells potions that turn you into a spider so you can test that curse if you're up for it! (You can undo it with a potion the spider sells, but that too is temporary, and eventually it will be harder to stop being a spider.)

Deer Curse Improvements:

  • Deer now have a new simple combat ability, Antler Slash, which is learned automatically as you level up
  • The deer ability "Cuteness Overload" can be used twice as often (once every 45 seconds)
  • The Summon Deer ability now has higher level versions as the deer advance in level. (However, only the lowest-level version can be used by players who stop being deer.)

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • By default, the terrain will not "blip" more when switching levels of detail. This vastly improves framerate in large open areas like the "castle" zone. If you were able to run the game in either of the two highest graphics settings, nothing has changed for you; otherwise, performance should be improved but at the cost of more noticeable changes to the distant terrain as you run.
  • You can now manually set the aforementioned graphics setting. In the Config window, under advanced graphics overrides, it's "Heightmap Pixel Error", and the old value was 5, if you want to compare it with the new setting
  • Ivory Horns no longer have the icon of a spoon
  • Made auto-move-forward key work again
  • If you pan the mouse while holding down the RIGHT button, it turns the player as well as the camera, which normally aborts auto-movement of any kind. This appears to be unintuitive, so while you are automoving, right-click panning doesn't turn your character, so it doesn't break auto-movement. Hopefully this is more intuitive, not less... but we're not sure
  • You no longer instantly swivel to look at your target when attacking; instead, you slowly turn to face the target, which is much less disorienting. This slow turn can also be aborted or overridden by player movement.
  • Cause Terror 2 now has a longer fear effect than Cause Terror 1
  • Acid Sigil now makes acid sigils instead of electricity sigils
  • Explosive Runes now have more hit points
  • wild pigs have more health! But still not very much
  • Auto-self-targeting spells work again if you have a dead monster selected
  • The auto-move button is no longer quite so... energetic

6/13/13: Jun 13 Update:Edit

Auto-Move, plus other new (and old) movement features:

  • This update adds features that automatically move your character to your target if you're too far away. You can also right-click on items (or just on the ground!) to go to that spot. Please try these features out and give feedback! Even if it's "I like this" or "I hate this", it's all useful.
  • You can turn off new auto-movement features in the Config window, under Mouse and Movement Settings.
  • Many users have asked for the ability to stay in "run" mode so they don't have to hold down shift all the time. You can do this with a keyboard command, but it wasn't assigned to any key by default. It's not assigned to the back-quote key (the button to the left of the 1 key).
  • If pressing that key doesn't do anything, check in the Config screen to see what the "Toggle Run/Walk" command is assigned to for you
  • On a related note, if you want to move forward without holding down the arrow key, press Num Lock. That's the default setting for the "Auto Move Forward" command. Press it again to stop moving forward.
  • Finally, a few people might find this trick handy: if you hold down both the left AND the right mouse buttons, your character will walk forward. (This trick works in other MMOs, too, like World of Warcraft!)

Other New User Interface Features:

  • Middle mouse button (and the side buttons on some mice) can now be bound to commands
  • If you hold down the Alt or Apple key, the currently-selected item's distance will be shown in the HUD. (Requested feature for ranged-attack players.... but possibly pointless now with auto-move?)
  • Added a new command that uses the selected corpse or entity. (Default key is 'U')

Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • The monsters in the Castle zone are now stationary and don't wander around. This is temporary while we do some performance profiling.
  • The unarmed "Daily Combos" are now rotating daily. (There are currently only ten daily combos, so they cycle every ten days. This makes testing easier; eventually there will be more.)
  • Reduced the chance of Ursula's ghost appearing even more; it should now appear an average of once every 1000 seconds. (It had been appearing once every 400 seconds.)
  • Sir Arif actually buys and sells things now
  • Marna once again has favor-related interactions
  • Fixed selection-box getting "stuck" in the middle of the screen when selected object isn't easily visible. (Now there is no selection box shown when the selected item is off-screen.)
  • Fixed many bugs regarding monster auto-selection and ability-targeting in general. Probably introduced new ones, though, so report them if you see any!
  • When assigning keyboard keys, pressing the key no longer activates its old function
  • When assigning keyboard keys that overlap with others, the old keys are cleared out, so the key doesn't do multiple things at the same time
  • The "Auto-Run" command has been renamed "Auto Move Forward" to make it more clear what it does. (People were confusing it with the "Toggle Run/Walk" command, which is totally different.)
  • If you mis-click when right-clicking something, the camera no longer immediately goes into mouse-look mode -- it waits to see if you actually drag the mouse first. This way your cursor doesn't get hidden/moved unnecessarily.
  • You can turn while floating underwater. You no longer have to wait until you're touching the bottom of the sea
  • Fixed cases where particles could get stuck on you forever
  • First Aid and Armor Patching skills earn XP for the person administrating the aid... not the person receiving the aid!
  • Mentalist's "Adrenaline Wave" ability now only boosts damage done directly by attacks. It no longer boosts every tick of every DoT effect as well.
  • Right-clicking works in the web player again (oops)
  • Reduced the chance of getting Slimy Tremors (an advanced disease) by 50%; it was happening too often
  • Jesina the fairy sells high-end First Aid Kits so that Slimy Tremors can be cured
  • You no longer get to keep swimming forever after you die
  • Caustic Ink recipe no longer requires higher-tier alchemy components to complete; Weak Acidic Cleaner has been replaced with piles of Fish Scales for now
  • Skeleton swordsmen were using the powers of the Nameless Guardian, including his knock backs and mega-damage attack. The Nameless Guardian, in exchange, was using the attacks of level 1 skeletons

6/9/13: June 9 Update:Edit

New Content:

  • Another section of the crypt has been populated, including several new varieties of skeletons with annoying powers
  • The Nameless Guardian sub-boss is in the crypt, but his Fate Worse Than Death and his associated puzzles are missing. He's just standing there, waiting for a group of 3 well-equipped players with combat skills in the low 30s. Please test him out if you can!
  • New skill Sigil Scripting can be learned from Sir Arif
  • A couple of Sir Arif's favor quests are in
  • Alchemy recipes associated with Sigil Scripting have been added to loot drops

Changes/Bug Fixes:

  • The flower in the crypt puzzle is visible again (on the last pedestal)
  • Fixed severe price discrepancies between enchanted loot and their ordinary versions (the enchanted items should have included the stock item's base value, but instead only had the value of the bonus enchantments). Previously-existing items are unaffected.
  • The "refortifying" treasure power was only regenerating 1 armor per sword-slash regardless of its power level
  • Ursula has been buffed up some
  • Ursula's curse has been tweaked: it activates less often, and if you keep the curse long enough, Ursula calms down and is occasionally helpful in various ways
  • Fixed bug where battle golem's healing effects would not always work (This bug also fixed Goblin Heal Slaves and other monsters that can heal their allies.)
  • Made the sound effects for Battle Chemistry work!
  • You sink slower in water again!
  • Skeleton archers weren't able to use their Rage attack. Fixed...
  • Recipes now show the number of times you've completed them. (The first time you complete a recipe, you get bonus XP. After that, the count doesn't mean anything, but it can be fun to see.)

6/6/13: June 6 Update:Edit

  • Fixed a bunch of issues that appeared after yesterday's update (unable to use old storage, monsters not fighting back, Hulon not interacting with beast players)
  • A large portion of the vendor code has been rewritten to make it simpler. This should remove a lot of weird cases, but in the short term, there maybe exciting new vendor bugs, so watch for that
  • Sped up the get-out-the-bow animation for archers
  • Hulon the storage keeper NPC should interact with beast players and have an access quest

6/5/13: June 5 Update:Edit

New Content:

  • The Crypt dungeon has been vastly expanded, but most of the new areas are still being populated with content (you'll see "Under Construction" signs at intersections where there's nothing done yet)
  • A new puzzle and a new sub-boss are accessible in the crypt, please try them out and give feedback! In some ways they are models for how the rest of the dungeon will work
  • Keep in mind that the sub-boss is intended for a group of three players, each with combat skills in their low 20s. Please use that as a guide for whether you think it's too difficult or too easy.
  • KEEP THE UNIQUE PAINTING AND THE TEDDY BEAR that you can get in the crypt; they're useless at the moment, but they will be useful in later parts of the crypt expansion.
  • Sir Arif hints that he will teach you Sigil Scripting but then doesn't. In the future he will sell these skill books to people with high enough favor.
  • There is now a "storage machine" in one of the buildings in Serbule (across from the water fountain)
  • Please don't bother leveling up favor with Hulon (the shopkeeper running the storage machine). His favor rewards are not implemented yet and you may miss a future reward if you level him up now
  • Other parts of the Crypt dungeon are already underway, so expect them soon! And feedback on the difficulty/pacing of what's in there now would be greatly appreciated.

Skill Change: First Aid:

  • The healing abilities all share the same reset timer, so you can't use multiple First Aid abilities back-to-back
  • Reuse-timer has been cut in half so you can use a First Aid ability every 30 seconds instead of every 60
  • The amount of XP earned from using First Aid has been increased
  • Lower-level First Aid abilities can now use higher-level first aid kits, if you've run out of low-level ones
  • A new ability, Treat Disease, has been added, which uses a Basic First Aid kit

Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Fixed the issue that was causing very active vendors to "break" when selling them stackable items
  • Tweaked monster's aggro toward pets, but more work is probably needed in this area
  • Bows were all low-level, even from high-level monsters, resulting in fairly sub-par magic effects. Fixed those bows and added a few more to flesh out the level ranges
  • The game client no longer drops to the lowest graphics setting quite so quickly
  • And when you ARE in the lowest graphics setting, the texture resolution has been increased so it doesn't look like a nintendo 64 game
  • Handled some situations where players couldn't get back into game for a while if they disconnected uncleanly
  • Added different icons for common loot potions
  • Fixed a bug that was causing magic items to not display their suffixes
  • When "red crystal" is used in crafting recipes, it now has its intended special list of possible powers
  • Shields can no longer appear with Bow powers
  • Several types of shields, swords, and staves couldn't have enchantments on them and always appeared as stock items
  • Reduced the Favor value of low-level mushrooms when given to people who like mushrooms
  • Increased the Favor value of prepared foods when given to people who like prepared foods
  • The "kill deer" quest for Marna, while technically not a Favor Quest, now rewards Favor Points because it's pretty clear you're doing her a favor. (Her actual Favor Quests are coming soon, though)

5/29/13: May 29 Update:Edit

  • Many monsters have more health and armor (and slightly more damage), and are worth more XP
  • Players earn more health by leveling up their active combat skills, so they are tougher at high level

We haven't tested this very much yet. Please don't freak out: nothing we did here can't be undone. Just roll with it, see what you think, and send us feedback!

Content changes and improvements:

  • Added a bunch more equipment icons to more easily differentiate armor
  • "Full Moons" no longer happen every 8 hours. They now happen every 8 real-world days and last a full day. Werewolves will get the Lunacy buff for the full day before it happens
  • The first time you use each teleportation circle, you get bonus Teleportation XP
  • To make it easier to get started leveling Leathercrafting, Kleave now sells a new book of practice recipes. These make junk items, but give experience like regular items and don't need many materials.
  • XP for regular leather working recipes has been increased slightly
  • Due to an influx of new players (hi, new players!) we've increased the number of items that can be tossed on the ground before things start getting cleaned up

Bug Fixes:

  • Cows' sprint boost was waaaay too fast, and the bug has finally been fixed. Moo of Determination is now much more stately. Sorry about that.
  • Fixed some crafted items that went into the wrong slots when equipped
  • Kleave's favor "Scrap Paintings" was bugged and un-completable
  • Equipment that boosts a combat skill no longer makes that skill's beneficial abilities hurt you or your allies (applies to Psychology, Deer, Cow, Battle Chemistry, Staff, Mentalism, Fire Magic)
  • The damage done by "Flesh to Fuel" and "Explode" is no longer "true" fire damage, so you don't get burned extra due to effects that boost fire damage
  • You now get XP for teleportation when you teleport to another zone
  • Azalak and Echur did not actually like gems, due to a typo
  • Flitterbies did not stack, making the quest extremely irritating
  • Deer's physics aren't as wide and tall as before, letting them get through tight openings better
  • Fixed underwater camera in Castle zone
  • Adrenaline Wave 2 and 3 were behaving the same as Adrenaline Wave 1
  • "Mutation: Extra Toes" was working but was not showing an icon
  • Many particle effects were not being played
  • Monsters had a hard time noticing player's pets unless the pet was actually punching them in the face. Monsters have better visibility of pets now.
  • Wall of Fire did no damage. It does now! (Probably this also fixed issues with the Alchemy golem, but that hasn't been verified yet.)
  • Walls of Fire have minimal collision physics
  • Higher versions of the mini-golem's "Self Destruct" ability weren't numbered differently
  • Certain items that affected Hip Throw would inadvertently cause Hip Throw to light enemies on fire
  • NPCs now uniformly charge double for reselling equipment they've bought from other players (But will sell items back to the original seller at face value? they only double the price when reselling to other players.)
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't get a big chunk of your combat XP if you only used the 2nd combat bar and not the first

5/26/13: May 26 Update:Edit

Content changes and improvements:

  • Kleave in the castle courtyard now has favors
  • Kleave can teach you a new skill, Leatherworking, if she likes you enough
  • There are now a small selection of Deer powers that can appear on equipment
  • A few additional Bow powers can appear on equipment
  • The map GUI can now be made a bit bigger (by pressing the resize button on the titlebar). The maps are still temp art, but slightly larger temp art!
  • Kalaba has had a race change in preparation for becoming more than just a placeholder NPC
  • Spiders now have a small chance to drop random armor. Not sure where they got the armor or why they're carrying it around, but their eccentricity is your gain

Bug Fixes:

  • If you tried to turn in two Favor quests at once, you didn't get the proper rewards.
  • Many more favor quests now give valid locations when using objective-seeking abilities
  • Water well in castle courtyard wasn't usable
  • Mild Cheddar Cheese no longer consumes empty bottles
  • Sie Antry now interacts with animal players (as was intended)
  • Equipment that added area-effect damage to melee abilities actually caused them to do no damage to anyone; fixed

5/22/13: May 22 Update:Edit

Content changes:

  • There's a new fairy NPC hidden in the forests that has quests and content for animal players. (There's no in-game hints for her existence yet, but that will happen eventually. She's on a forested hill overlooking a cliff.)

Bug fixes:

  • Basic moderator commands now implemented for banning and gagging
  • Fixed crashes and lock-ups when trying to drag items out of storage
  • Fixed a really dumb bug that would cause fletching boxes to go away after about 5 minutes
  • A typo caused Sie Antry to not really love Bloodstones as she claimed
  • Magical loot should stop having blatantly unusable combinations (e.g. swords with fire magic buffs). Old items are permanently junk, though, and should probably be discarded. Also, this has barely been tested, so if you see more new items that are insane, please report them
  • Wandering snails now wander much slower (but they can still book after you when they're angry, so watch out!)
  • Favor quests that were supposed to reward XP weren't
  • Magic items that can create force fields now correctly put the shield around you, rather than around your enemy. Although that was hilarious

5/20/13: May 20 Update:Edit

Content changes:

  • DON'T PANIC: the entrance to the goblin dungeon just moved to the right about 10 feet. It's not gone.
  • Jesina (the fairy at Sie Antry's Homestead) has new content
  • New Half-Assed Mini-Dungeon was added to support Jesina's new content. Which we are going to call "Encounter Areas" from now on, by order of the PR department.
  • Yetta in the castle courtyard now has Favor quests
  • Some new Unarmed abilities have been added. These can be used by anyone, but are probably most useful to animals trying to do Unarmed attacks. (Right now they can only use Kick from the Unarmed skill set.) These new abilities are temporarily being sold by Echur in Serbule. (They will be moved to a new NPC soon.)

Bug Fixes:

  • The "Seek Objective" ability almost never worked. It now works for most quests and favors
  • If you have too many items in your inventory when you receive quest rewards, they will go into overflow spaces, instead of being lost forever
  • Improved graphics performance in "Castle" zone
  • NPCs who were supposed to give out a stack of items as a quest reward were only giving out one of the item

5/16/13: May 16 Update:Edit

Content changes:

  • A new "door code" has been installed on the red wall in the caves below Serbule. (The newbie caves.) Hopefully it will be less torturous and confusing than the last one seemed to be.
  • You now take fire damage if you stand in the cooking fire in town
  • Sie Antry's quests have been refactored as Favors
  • Sie Antry has additional new Favors
  • New monster area near Sie Antry's Homestead
  • Reorganized many monster's loot profiles
  • Added seven new kinds of flowers (all the way up to Gardening level 50). Right now only a few of these have wild versions, but you can find their seeds in monster loot (at a temporarily elevated rate). Wild versions will be added over time
  • Note: higher-level flowers are quite powerful and hopefully worth your effort. The level-50 flower can add +78 Max Power for 30 minutes. If you are high enough level to use the upper half of the flower spectrum, your feedback would be appreciated!
  • The garden spots in the Castle zone weren't easily discoverable. They've each been given a row of static vegetables as a placeholder gardening indicator. (There are two in this zone: behind the goblin keep, and at Sie Antry's homestead.)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where particles would be added even when the effect was resisted (such as "stun" particles when you aren't really stunned)
  • Growing carrots no longer look like squashes
  • Cleaned up some bugs where fletching boxes wouldn't respawn when a player logs back in
  • Fixed some errors in NPC text
  • "Ring of Strong Ankles" actually increased falling damage instead of decreasing
  • Shields can now have enchantments
  • Rare magical loot should no longer spawn without any enchantments on it. (But you've heard that before... it's a very complex system, so if you see any, please let us know!)
  • Improved the "shaky" selection boxes on large monsters and objects (still kinda glitchy, but better)
  • Added robustifying logic to networking code, to avoid icons that get all garbled when a network error occurs

5/11/13: May 11: UpdateEdit

Small content update:

  • Echur has new Favors
  • Azalak the mantis has new Favors
  • There are new alchemy recipes and items related to these NPCs
  • Mushroom Jack now talks to players in animal forms
  • Azalak now sells the Cleaning Acid 1/2 alchemy recipe book (at an insane mark up) for those who need the recipe and haven't found it in loot

Bug fixes:

  • Foods that both heal instantly and grant regeneration weren't doing the regeneration part. Most notable food affected was Ur-Bacon

5/9/13: May 9: UpdateEdit

Archery adjustments:

  • Increased damage on most archery abilities (math was wrong). Will still be lackluster until you find an enchanted bow... which are rare at the moment.
  • Fixed errors in recipes causing your inventory to fill with arrow parts
  • Dramatically underestimated how quickly you can use 100 arrows. Changed recipes so that they now make 1,000 arrows at a time
  • Note that due to current technical limitations, stacks can't go over 250. So when you craft arrows, you will need four inventory slots open, for 250 arrows each.
  • If you were already at Carpentry 10 and are missing the new Carpentry recipes, you really do have them -- your client may just not have realized. Logging out and back in should fix it.

More bug fixes and new content are on the way. This is just a quick-fix so that you can find all the subtle archery bugs, rather than the really glaring ones. :)

5/8/13: May 8: UpdateEdit


- Archery is mostly in! You can find a new vendor, Elahil, wandering around Serbule. For now, he sells nearly everything related to archery, including some cheap skill books that will give you the first point of Archery and Fletching.

- Archery features that AREN'T in yet: critical hits, recovering arrows from corpses, various graphical elements (e.g. fire arrows should be on fire), some fletching recipes are full of nonsense placeholder requirements (e.g. cat eyeballs are required for certain items)

- Most abilities and recipes are either learned automatically, or are for sale from Elahil. The exceptions are: Poison Arrow ability scrolls are for sale from Marna, and Fire Arrow ability scrolls are for sale from Echur. They require Battle Chemistry and Fire Magic to learn, respectively

- Only a few treasure effects are available for archery -- nothing fancy, just some stat boosts

- PS: Please don't give yourself carpal tunnel buying individual arrows from Elahil! You're intended to use Fletching to make arrows in 100-packs. You'll need Carpentry up to about level 10 to do so, though

Other Fixes:

- Teleportation recipes had a 4-in-5 chance of destroying your gem, instead of the intended 1-in-5

- The same bug caused you to have a 4-in-5 chance of getting a bonus fish filet from fillet recipes, instead of the intended 1-in-5 chance of a second filet

- Monsters can once again target player's pets. Sigh.

- The new chicken and dairy recipe books should be readable now

- Note that the loot-dropped Alchemy book "The Hows and Whys of Acid" was missing a recipe for higher-level cleaning acid. You'll need to read another copy of the book to learn this recipe.

- Reduced Power cost of most cow/pig/deer attacks

- Reduced the reuse timers on some Fire Magic abilities

5/2/13: May 2: UpdateEdit

New Stuff:Edit

  • Some chickens now wander Serbule, especially near Jara's barn
  • Basic recipes for dairy are available from Fainor in Serbule
  • Recipes for chickens are available from Fainor in Serbule
  • Oregano now occasionally grows in the Castle zone. (Will be more common eventually) (Note: rest assured that the new recipes have received the usual high level of testing. Ha ha ha ha)
  • Many monsters in the goblin dungeon now use a new experimental "wander around looking at stuff" AI
  • The beginnings of Teleportation are implemented. For now, you can get the skill by buying a skill book from Jesina near Sie Antry's house

Bug Fixes:

  • The inventory screen now indicates if there are overflowing items that can't be seen until you drop some stuff. (This is often the case when items are apparently lost.)
  • Fixed more situations where monsters would fall through the ground in dungeons
  • Improved occlusion checking in Serbule to boost graphics performance
  • Turned off water reflection in Serbule temporarily, as it was killing low-end graphics cards. (Will eventually turn it back on, but only for high-end cards.)
  • Echur's favor "Unusual Powder" is now completable - Echur's favor "Bloody Bandages" now gives the reward he mentions
  • Reduced number of spiders in the crypt entrance to make it theoretically survivable
  • ACTUALLY nerfed Moo of Determination, instead of just nerfing the text on the skill popup
  • Fixed bugs with Moo of Calm/Moo of Determination reset timer overlap
  • Fixed bug that made bottles of water and milk infinitely drinkable if your inventory was full
  • Added Quit button to Choose-Character screen and Options window (stand-alone clients only)
  • Stopgap code to keep you from doing recipes when your inventory is full (and losing the item as a result). A little ham-fisted right now because it doesn't take stack sizes into account, you just always need empty inventory slots, even if the resulting items would stack into other slots. But better than losing items
  • Fixed "Target is already dead" messages when using beneficial spells on yourself while targeting a dead monster
  • Fixed targeting of other player's pets
  • Pets should no longer react violently to other pets that are trying to heal them
  • Fixed bugs with Echur's favors

4/27/13: Update:Edit

More bugs, lots of skill tweaks. Content is still in development; you may spot some aspects of it, such as crystal formations on the ground; feel free to collect these, but they can't be used for anything yet!

General Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a huge server memory leak -- woohoo!
  • Fixed an item-cleanup bug that caused new items to be deleted when thrown on the ground (instead of old items!)
  • Deer and Pig animations were wrong when moving diagonally (legs didn't move)
  • Fixed summoned pets falling through dungeon floors
  • Yetta's skill book only gives XP up to level 1. And it costs a lot! (There's another cheaper way to get the skill.)
  • Magical (glowing-icon) items should no longer be created without any powers. But if you still find one, please let us know its name and what you were fighting when you got it!
  • Fixed the notice box when you learn new recipes
  • Removed physics collision info from anything you can drop on the ground, to keep insane (in a good way) players from stacking junk to make walls and staircases

Skill/Recipe Changes:

  • Tanning recipes now give out reasonable amounts of XP
  • Battle Chemistry attacks were missing any attack animation; plugged in a temporary animi so they don't take so long to use
  • Battle Chemistry's area-effect abilities have been fixed so they don't require a target
  • Summoned golems disappear if you stop using Battle Chemistry
  • Attacks that are diminished by armor are now diminished by no more than 50% of their total damage. (Buff to animal forms)
  • The damage potential of Summoned Deer has been nerfed!
  • Moo of Determination's sprint boost has been nerfed! The nerf is most noticeable at first level of the ability, which was crazily fast
  • Deer ability Bounding Escape has been buffed
  • Pack Attack 1's effect lasted for 30 seconds instead of 9 seconds, allowing one werewolf to take advantage of the "pack bonus" over and over. This has been fixed
  • Pack Attack 2 and 3 were accidentally identical to Pack Attack 1; they now deal more damage and bigger pack bonus
  • Pouncing Rake 2 had the stats for Pouncing Rake 3, and Pouncing Rake 3 had the stats for Pouncing Rake 1. Oops
  • Poison Blade recipes now give a stack of five blades instead of just one
  • Psychology skills cost slightly less Power. Pep Talk's reset time is halved to 30 seconds
  • Cow's "Collect Milk" ability is now available at level 18 instead of level 23. It can be used once per 5 minutes (instead of once per 2 minutes)

4/22/13: April 22: Patch Fix:Edit

IMPORTANT: Milk no longer stacks. Your stack of milk may have been reduced to a single item! Very sorry about this! If you were trying to complete the quest "Un-Cow-Ify", and you lost milk due to this, please let us know with the in-game bug reporter and we'll fix you up

Due to the same bug-fix, Bottles of Sugar Water no longer stack either.

On the up side, empty bottles now stack.

Other fixes:

  • Echur now speaks with animals. He's a mentalist, he doesn't mind.
  • The fairy prisoner in the goblin dungeon also now speaks with animals. (All fairies are supposed to speak with animals; they aren't species-ist, although a few are afraid of werewolves.)
  • Fixed the monsters-leaping-forever problem
  • Fixed more issues with vendors
  • Knockback effects no longer stack. (Previously, three players Kicking at the same time could fling mosters into space, which was hilarious)
  • If you scroll in the chat history, it no longer moves you back to the bottom of the history ever time someone talks
  • Fixed items that were consuming two drinks per use
  • Blanche loves dairy products instead of hating them
  • Flingin' Sticks no longer look like a gigantic cube

4/22/13: April 22: UpdateEdit

  • Map in the "castle" area should now be at least in the right ballpark (but still off by a few pixels)
  • When you sell something that's in a stack, only 1 of the stack is sold. (To seel the entire stack instantly, hold down shift when selling.)
  • When you give an NPC a stack of something as a gift, they now take the entire stack, not just one item. (Rememver you can manually split stacks by shift-clicking the inventory icon.)
  • Many loot items, books, scrolls, and foods have been give 3d models when dropped on the ground (rather than the usual "bag" model)
  • Fixed the Poison Blade ability to use the correct spell component (poisoned blades)
  • If you already now the ability on an ability scroll, this will be shown when you examine the scroll (similar to recipe scrolls)
  • "Calligraphy: Intent" recipe didn't give back an empty water bottle
  • Battle Chemistry abilities now require a Flask. The exception is Injection and Summon Golem abilities, which do not.
  • Adjusted the cash value of equipment down, and the cash value of some random enchantments upwards, to address some severe price disparities
  • Fixed some bugs with stairs and getting through tight doorways in rotund beast forms

4/20/13: April 20: UpdateEdit

  • Some NPCs were extremely displeased with certain gifts, causing you to lose 5000000000 favor with them. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed many bugs related to selling stacks of items to vendors
  • Many random treasure items were erroneously doing a huge amount of extra armor damage! (It wasn't lised on the item, it was just doing it.) This has been fixed but you won't see the change for worn equipment untill you take the equipment off and then put it back on.
  • Eating meat now correctly breaks your Vegetarian condition
  • Gourmand skill should now be implemented! A higher Gourmand skill gives you more regeneration and healing from food. Note, though, that each food has a Gourmet Level, which is the maximum level of Gourmand skilll benefits that can apply to that food.
  • To raise Gourmand Skill, east as many different foods as possible. You get a big burst of xp for each new food you eat.

4/19/13: April 19: Bug FixesEdit

  • Joeh referenced Crude Leather for his Leather Party favor, but it was supposed to be (and he actually took) Shoddy Leather.His text is fixed
  • Almost all monsters in the world had the same Autopsy difficulty level (of 10). Different monsters are actually supposed to be fairly different in terms of how hard it is to autopsy them. This has been fixed. It causes a slew of side-effect fixes:
  • Some monsters are now much harder to autopsy
  • Higher-level monsters are now worth much more Pathology XP
  • It's now possible to get beyond level 10 in Anatomy skills

  • Echur now really does teach Mentalism to people who he is Friends with. However his favors are not yet implemented so getting to Friends level can be a pain right now. So to make it easier, he's been temporarily adjusted to really love magic helmets as gifts.
  • Violets could be planted at Gardening 10, but should have required Gardening 15, since that's the skill you need to tend them
  • Many Alchemy potions had stacking effects that really shouldn't stack Bleeding Speed potions stopped poisoning you after you died, but you got to keep the speed
  • Alchemy potions are now uniformly stackable to 5 (most couldn't be stacked)
  • You no longer need a stove or fire pit to create sausage Increased the XP earned from First Aid and Patch Armor skills
  • An adorably tiny bed in a cave was resized
  • It's less likely for an animal-cursed player to mangle lots of words in the same chat line
  • You can now get both Trophy Pigskins and Pig Snouts from skinning pigs. (Pig Snouts were previously unavailable.) Chance of obtaining snouts is 3% per 12 points in Skinning, so you'll never see them until you have at least 12 skill.
  • Sparkly tombstone that could only be accessed by tab-selecting is now selectable with mouse Mushroom Jack now appreciates gifts of mushrooms Mushroom Jack now buys corpse trophies (such as limbs and fangs) as well as mushrooms
  • Sir Coth's Favor Level wasn't being displayed (but was being calculated correctly)
  • NPCs that like flowers have a slightly higher appreciation of flower gifts
  • Kleave has once again taken Rakshasa form, instead of jumbled-up-pile-of-polygons form A certain pair of NPC pants had bugged textures, these are fixed
  • The staff ability Blocking Stance was not wearing off after you got hit. We fixed it, but then found it was boring, so changed it a bit. It now makes you immune to physical damage for 10 seconds, rather than for one hit.
  • The staff ability Redirect was completely unimplemented and did nothing but a few points of damage. It's now been implemented, but not really tested. Probably works though. We're optimists here.
  • The Placeholder Chemistry Vendor was missing dozens of battle chemistry recipes. Well, that must have made it pretty miserable to use...

4/17/2013: April 17 Update:Edit

We decided to get a build up today to see some of the new town graphics live. There's some new content also. More on the way!

New Content and Features

  • First part of a textures-and-lighting makeover is happening in Serbule. (It's most noticeable on the higher end graphics settings.)
  • New "Things To Do" panel can be found in the Quests window.
  • The giant-red-crystal quest line has the next installment complete. If you already finished the quest line you should be able to pick up the next quest by just talking to Velkort.
  • There's also a new addition to the Crypt dungion, however it's got some placeholder monsters, and the rewards are underwhelming right now.
  • Players no longer start naked! They now start in dirty rags.

Bug Fixes

  • Goblin Warcaster's Electricity balls were doing Fire damage
  • Nerfed the Word of Power Regeneration effects so that they do their listed effect, not 600% of the listed effect!
  • Milking has been debugged further. If you're a Cow and other players cannot successfully milk you, please let us know via the bug reporter.
  • (Note that player-to-player trade is not yet implemented and will fail; this is a known issue)
  • One of Velkort's Favors wasn't giving out any favor points. This have been fixed for new players, although old players who already completed the quest are out of luck, sorry. (Try giving him potions to raise your standing.)
  • Plus lots of other bug fixes that didn't get written down here!

4/8/2013: April 8 Update:Edit

Mostly bug fixes today, plus some important tweaks. More content and systems are in the works!

New Content and Features

  • Fainor the innkeeper's Favors are now active
  • A couple of Velkort the fire mage's Favors are now active
  • new GUI experiment: tiny buttons on the edges of the ability bars. These let you switch to other abilities more easily than going through the Persona GUI page (and more importantly, should be more discoverable for new players)
  • made leveling up in Beast Speech *MUCH* faster

Bug Fixes

  • player's tombstones no longer have physics, so you can run right through them
  • The particle effects on the switch puzzle in the newbie cave have been fixed.
  • The torches in the newbie cave now respond to volume-control adjustments correctly. If there are other items that don't become mute when you expect them to, please let us know with the bug tool! Each instance has to be fixed invdividually.
  • Quests requiring Perfect Snail Shells or Cats Eyeballs were bugged
  • Instead of fixing the bug that let cows graze indoors, decided to make that legitimate. It's already tough enough being a cow in a dungeon.
  • Player cows can be milked by players once again
  • Fixed several issues with Werewolf abilities
  • The 'spontanious' variety of fireball spells now should work
  • Bacon now works as advirtised
  • Poison Resistance potions now actually mitigate poison damage, instead of giving you +10 max health
  • you now only get credit for "The Bear in There" if you kill the bear in Jara's barn. (As opposed to any random bear you meet.)
  • Most monsters now have their Anatomy type set correctly (so you can occasionally earn anatomy knowledge while doing autopsies.)
  • Brain Bugs are now classifeid as Aberrations, not Arthopods
  • Lawara has pants

4/4/2013: New Update!Edit

New Content:

  • Alchemy recipes! Yetta now sells a few beginner Alchemy books. Others have been added as a random treasure drops.
  • Sir Coth has two of his favor tasks installed, along with some favor rewards.
  • New NPC "Kleave" (In the courtyard of the goblin dungeon) sells materials for Tanning. You can now tan skins, but you can't do anything with the resulting leather yet.

Changed Content:

  • Rita, not Joeh, wants Goblin Slippers as a favor.
  • Joeh accidentally had two quests taht asked you to kill Tigers. The second quest has been changed to a request for 2 tiger eyeballs, a rare (~10%) drop from tigers.
  • Old Fangsworth has been buffed up, but his detection radius has been lowered to make him easier to avoid.
  • Rita no longer has a placeholder quest "Kill Skeletons" in order to gain access to Harry the Wolf. Instead, she gives you this access-flag when you reach Comfortable favor level with her.
  • It's now easier to get the Seek Objective ability from Foraging. (Requires Foraging level 5 instead of level 10.)
  • Fire Spiders drop a lot more Fire Dust, more often
  • Fire Sheep are now a good source of Fire Dust also.
  • Jesina (The animation-glitched fairy near Sie Antrie's house) now sells more supplies. She is willing to sell to all animal forms except werewolves. This is currently the only way for cows, deer, etc. to level up skills like Gardening beyond what is available in the first city.

​Bug Fixed:

  • "Hogan's Request" quest was bugged and not recognizing when you had ancient bronze coins.
  • Velkort's "Get Some Culture" quest would break if you had already found more than the required 6 lore itmes before getting the quest.
  • The map in the "Castle" zone is upside down. Rather than reorient the map, all NPC references to north and south have been reversed. Because this is easier, sadly enough
  • The bear in the barn (in the first town) can finally get through the barn door to kill you!
  • More generally, all pet and monster mobility around the first city has been greatly improved
  • Some monsters' selection boxes were unreasonably large; this has been tweaked for each monster.
  • Dead monsters no longer have collision physics; you can walk through them.
  • Certain monsters, such as sheem, simply vibrated in place when they died. They now tip over, which is silly looking but still much better than vibrating in place.
  • Nightmare creatures can be selected again.
  • vendors no longer offer to buy things for zero gold. those simply cant't be sold there. (To discard things you don't want, drag and drop then into the box that appears while you're dragging, This will throw the item on the ground.)
  • Wild Bluebells could be planted before you had the skill to fertilize them, dooming then to eventually wither and die.
  • If you completed a quest-objective to collect some items, the game would stop caring if you later dropped some of those items before turning the quest in.

3/29/2013: Big Bug Bash!Edit


  • Players can climb stairs.
  • Very large items now have their selection-box on screen.(Though it still acts a little wonky.)
  • Emotes now work: /sit, /wave, /laugh, and /jeer
  • More animations hooked up! Swimming and kicking look much better
  • Some quests were fixed, notably "Rita's Curiosity"
  • Some new skeletons were added to the bottom of the valley
  • Vendors who sell weapons now also BUY weapons in the normal way
  • It's much less likely for new players to find magical items for skills they can't use yet
  • Numerous other small bugs

3/27/2013: Bug FixesEdit

  • The Unarmed and Staff skills work again!(If you were wondering why the Punch button did nothing... it was a bug)
  • The Animation system has been greatly revamped! Many issues were fixed.
  • If you view another player fighting, you will once again be able to see them doing their attack animations. However, their sound effects will still be out of sync.(Will be fixed soon!)
  • If you see other animation issues besides the sound effect synchronization, please report them!
  • On Mac OS, the mouse cursor gets stuck as the wrong shape, this is a known issue that is being worked on
  • You 'should' be able to log in with your old account. If it doesn't work, please let know!

3/25/2013: Pre-Alpha 3 server is live!Edit

  • The server is finally live! Visit to log in. Your old characters should still work, if you had any, but I haven’t tested that very well so if you have problems, let me know.
  • If you’ve never tried the game before, just say you’re a new character and you’re in!
  • If you have trouble seeing the screen (e.g. it’s very very small) try one of these links instead: