A fairy who used to be a librarian in the fae realm. She says words of power can be used more than once over there. Preta is currently the only source for animal characters to obtain parchment without an illusion. 


  • Zone:
  • Area:
    • Inside the giant tree, near the back



  • Explosion Sigil 4
  • Animal, first aid, and armor patching inscriptions for gems


  • Likes odd scrolls
  • Likes gems and crystals
  • Dislikes fae felt

Favor tasks:Edit

  • Get powdered mammal


Item Price
Basic Ink 15
Advanced Ink (need favor level above neutral)
Expert Ink (need favor level above neutral)
Inkstone 375
Dye Pot 30
Ink Remover (need favor level above neutral)
Blank Book (need favor level above neutral)
Simple Parchment 7
Basic parchment
Good parchment
Expert's parchment
Master parchment

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