Quest mob? N/A
On hit effect? N/A
Skinnable? N/A
Anatomy Arthropod Anatomy

Description & Noteworthy mechanics: Edit

This Psychic mantis is special. Have two abilities:

-Psi Pain is their rage attack, it inflicts a headache during 10 seconds.

-Another ability inflicts stun for 3 seconds, however the mantis only will use it when you have armor, so when your armor is heavily damaged the enemy is not going to use it, or perhaps will use it with a really low probability.

The Mindreave ability of the mentalist don't make almost anything against them.

There are a journal inside the building the Psychic Mantis Spies occupy. It says that they are studying the elven culture. It seems they are spies sent by the Mantis Kingdom or something like that.

Stats: Edit

Armor 24

Health 90

Rage 45

Location: Edit

  • Zone:
  • Area:
    • Inside one of the Serbule's city buildings.

Skin: Edit

  • N/A



Giant Mantis Claw 30

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