Female Rakshasa


Beastly people with tails

Racial Culture:Edit

Racial Culture: although their culture is extremely advanced, many Rakshasa have recently "gone savage", as the Humans put it, leaving their cities and forming camps in the wilderness. It's unclear why.

Rakshasa laws are very unique, and often cause conflict with other races.

Everyone knows that Rakshasa are quick to anger, but most are also quick to forgive. They're also known for their complex sense of justice and their dry sense of humor.


Humans say: "There's two kinds: the city dwellers and the nomads. The city ones keep slaves, which is obscene. But the nomads are pretty lazy, preferring to hunt for sport rather than work to improve themselves."

Elves say: "Talking with Rakshasa is exhausting. It's so easy to upset them! But they're pretty open about sex, and they're very generous."

Orcs say: "Rakshasa are good allies, 'cuz what's not to like about a swordfighting tiger? But never trust 'em. They can turn on you in a second. One second they're helping you 'achieve justice,' and the next second 'you've gone too far and now you must die.' Watch your back around 'em."

Notable Rakshasa:Edit

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