Sigil Scripting is a Combat that is described in game as "Using magical inks and arcane rituals to create areas of power"


In order to learn Sigil Scripting seek out Sir Arif in the Crypt. With enough favor and completion of quests he will sell you various inks required to use the destructive powers of Sigil Scripting.

Combat Applications:Edit

Each sigil can be an asset when used in combat to set traps and damage enemies.

Sigil Ink Required Effect Level Needed Taught by
Explosion Sigil Basic Holistic Ink Explosive sigil 0 Sir Arif
Explosion Sigil 2 Advanced Volatile Ink 20 Sir Arif
Explosion Sigil 3 Expert Volatile Ink 40 Sir Arif
Restorative Sigil Basic Holistic Ink 10 Sir Arif
Restorative Sigil 2 Advanced Holistic Ink 25 Sir Arif
Restorative Sigil 3 Expert Holistic Ink 50 Sir Arif
Repulsion Barrier Advanced Holistic Ink 35 Sir Arif
Electricity Sigil Basic Volatile Ink 5 Sir Arif
Electricity Sigil 2 Advanced Volatile Ink 25 Sir Arif
Electricity Sigil 3 Advanced Volatile Ink 50 Sir Arif
Acid Sigil Basic Caustic Ink 15 Sir Arif
Acid Sigil 2 Advanced Caustic Ink 35 Sir Arif
Asid Sigil 3 Expert Caustic Ink 50 Sir Arif

Related Skills:Edit

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