Exhausted and perhaps delirious, Sir Arif is a Council engineer living deep in the crypt. 

He is accessible through the Serbule Sewer without having to fight any higher level monsters. 





  • Hates Fish
  • Likes Anything Else Edible
  • Likes Leggings
  • Likes Staves

Favor tasks:Edit

  • Venison in the Crypt
  • Damned Dinosaurs
  • Ursula's Creepy Bear


Item Price
Simple Armor Patch Kit 6
Simple First Aid Kit 13
Basic First Aid Kit 26
Good First Aid Kit 65
Basic Volatile Ink 22
Basic Holistic Ink 22
Basic Caustic Ink 22
Advanced Volatile Ink (favor level Friends) 180
Advanced Holistic Ink (favor level Friends) 180
Advanced Caustic Ink (favor level Friends) 180
Expert Volatile Ink (favor level Close Friends?) ?
Expert Holistic Ink (favor level Close Friends?) ?
Expert Caustic Ink (favor level Close Friends?) ?

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