Sir coth

Sir Coth


A frumpy man in resplendent armor who hates elves. 


  • Neutral:
    • Kill 7 Sewer Rats
    • Clear out the Graveyard- Kill 7 skeletal archers
  • Comfortable:
    • Talking Mantises- Kill 7 Augmented Mantis Slaves
    • Sir Coth's Obsession- Talk to Rita
      • Rewards: Sir Coth's Discarded Gift


  • Zone:
    • Forest
  • Area:
    • Just outside Serbule on the main road.


Favor RewardsEdit

Comfortable: Allows you to sell Art to him.

Gift PreferencesEdit

  • Loves All Art
  • Loves Flawless Animal Skins

Hang OutEdit

  • 60 minutes- Polish Sir Coth's Armor:
    • 10 favor
    • 200 Armor Patching XP
    • 3 Good Armor Patch Kit
  • 60 minutes- Talk about Rita with Sir Coth:
    • 10 favor
    • 1 Apple Juice

Vendor ServicesEdit


At high favor levels:

  • Simple Armor Patch Kit
  • Basic Armor Patch Kit
  • Good Armor Patch Kit
  • Expert's Armor Patch Kit
  • Basic Ink

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