Spider form

A player spider


Spider is an animal form the player can have. Higher levels provide poison damage reduction.


The spider NPC guarded by the rhino boss in the crypt sells spider juice, un-spider juice, and extra spider attacks. 

NPCs who will talk to you while in spider form:




  • Spider Bite
  • Spider Bite 2
  • Spider Bite 3
  • Inject Venom
  • Gripjaw - Stun
  • Gripjaw 2 - Stun
  • Infinite Legs - Next Infinite Legs attack does more damage for 10 seconds. These stack. 
  • Web Trap - Create a stationary web trap that immobilizes enemies that walk on it
  • Grappling Web - Pull enemy toward you

Level Up Rewards:Edit

  • Level 16: Infinite Legs 2
  • Level 18: Scuttling Gait
  • Level 20: Spider Bite 3
  • Level 23: Terrifying Bite
  • Level 25: Gripjaw 2
  • Level 26: Infinite Legs 3

Related Skills: Edit

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