Surveying is a Non-Combat Skill that is described in game as "Analyzing the land to locate valuable resources or important locations. Surveying has many uses, but is most commonly used to make resource maps for Geology and Mining."


A player can learn Surveying along with Mining and Geology from Joeh in Serbule.To get started Surveying requires having at least one Redwall Crystal, one Simple Parchment, and one Basic Ink which in turn gives a survey for which to locate more Redwall Crystals.

While all surveying recipes are guaranteed consume both the parchment and the ink, they also have a percentage chance to consume the other item that is part of the recipe.


Survey Items Required Gem/Metal Gained Experience Level Required
Eltbule Expert's Mining Survey Expert-Quality Metal Slab 15 Mining
Eltbule Good Mining Survey Good Metal Slab 10 Mining
Eltbule Master's Mining Survey Masterwork Metal Slab 20 Mining
Eltbule Orange Mineral Survey

Topaz, Carnelian, Garnet, Sardonyx,

Citrine, Serpentine.

215 15 Geology
Eltbule White Mineral Survey 20 Geology
Serbule Basic Mining Survey Basic Metal Slab 5 Mining
Serbule Blue Mineral Survey 5 Geology
Serbule Green Mineral Survey 10 Geology
Serbule Orange Mineral Survey 25 Geology
Serbule Redwall Crystal Survey Redwall Crystal 1 Geology
Serbule Simple Mining Survey Simple Metal Slab 1 Mining
Serbule White Mineral Survey

Quartz, Moonstone, Diamond, Moss Agate, Onyx, Agate

280 30 Geology

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