Tanning is a Non-Combat Skill that is described in game as "The craft of turning disgusting animal skins, furs, and hides into leather, fleece, and other material ready to be used in clothing and armor."


A Player may learn tanning by reading a book that can be purchased from Kleave in Eltibule. Also all current recipes can be bought from Kleave. Players must be near a tanning rack to craft recipes. The tanning rack in Serbule is in the room to the left of Joeh and the one in Eltibule is by Kleave. 

This skill is highly related to Skinning.

Level Up Rewards:Edit

  • Level 10: Bonus Level to Skinning
  • Level 25: Bonus Level to Skinning
  • Level 50: Bonus Level to Skinning


Recipe Level Ingredients
Shoddy Leather Roll

Leather Strips

  • 1 x Shoddy Leather Roll
Rough Leather Roll

Related Skills:



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