Therese seen with the plants in the windmill garden.

There's a little bit of dirt on her. How un-elven!


Near windmill in Serbule


  • Therese Wants Hash Browns- Get Hash Browns For Therese
  • Bone Meal- Therese has asked for Bone Meal.



  • Likes Plants
  • Likes Seeds
  • Loves Necklaces

Favor RewardsEdit

  • Comfortable: Teaches Apple Juice recipe


Item Price
Potato Seedling 7
Onion Seedling 9
Cabbage Leafling 12
Beet Seedling 15
Bottle of Water 100
Gardening: Basic Fertilizer 45
Handsaw 75
Squash Seedling (favor level Friends) 19
Broccoli Seedling (favor level Friends) 22
Carrot Seedling (favor level) 27
Rough Tannin Powder (favor level) 7
Decent Tannin Powder (favor level Friends) 15
Quality Tannin Powder (favor level Close Friends) 22
Dye Pot (favor level Friends) 30
Gem Crusher (favor level Close Friends) 2000

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