Tutorial Cave Map (v1.3)

A map showing the key points of interest in the Tutorial Cave.

Tutorial Cave Entrance Exit

The Entrance outside the Tutorial Cave, the city of Serbule can be seen in the background.

The Tutorial cave is the area where you begin your adventure and learn your first few combat and non-combat skills. Most of the cave can be cleared with relative ease by a new player however around the exit you'll find a difficult section that you might want to come back to at a later stage or group up with other players to clear. There's no requirement to complete any of the quests in the cave, you can leave straight away, it is however suggested that you do since they follow the main storyline.

Characters of InterestEdit


Monsters found in the easier area of the cave:Edit

Monsters found in the difficult area of the cave:Edit


Be wary of the named cow boss in the side chamber, Maronesa. She can and WILL kill a new player. Even if you escape there is a chance she will have cursed you, turning you into a cow. This can be a major hamstring for new players.

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