What is a Work Order?

Short answer: It's a quasi-quest, so to speak.

Long Answer: A Work Order is a piece of paper that asks for a certain number of items to be delivered to a specific NPC. In return for turning in those items the player will receive the price that was indicated on the Work Order. Once a player has learned (or even completed) a certain Work Order for an item, other Work Order (papers) will be shown with a green text to indicate that the player has 'already memorized' that Work Order. After one month that 'memorized' status will be reset for the work order; The player can then once again learn the Work Order and turn in the required items.

The completion of (high level) Work Orders is one way to earn lots of councils/gold in the game.

How are Player Work Orders different from NPC Work OrdersEdit

There is another Work Order sign in Serbule Keep. The sign offers the dialogue for players to set up a new Work Order (choose the desired item, specify the number required and set the price), browse the outstanding Player Work orders, and Fill a work order (if you have the required items in your inventory).

This player Work Order mechanic is different from the 'normal' NPC Work Orders in:

  • a different sign where the Player Work orders are interacted on (not an NPC) the only interaction is through that sign. (The NPC Work Order are pieces of paper that can be bought, sold, dropped, found; The player Work Order only exists through the Work Order Sign in Serbule Keep)

How to obtainEdit

The (NPC) Work Order can be obtained through:

  • interact with the Work order sign and buy the work order (for a very small price)
  • the Work order can be a rare drop from monsters or found as scrolls in dungeons
  • the work order could be dropped on the floor and be found by another player
  • the work order (paper) can be sold to NPC's Marna or Hulon. A player can find the work order in the NPC's Buy Used tab.

Which types are whereEdit

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