A dainty, calm demeanor barely masks her fatigue. One of the refugee Summer Court fairies. 


  • Zone:
  • Area:
    • By the giant tree, guarding the entrance


  • ​N/A


  • Blood Mushroom Suspension
  • Coral Mushroom Suspension
  • Amazing First Aid Kit
  • First Aid 6 (ability)
  • Healing Potion Omega (heals 100 health)
  • Resuscitate (ability)


  • Loves Magic Oils
  • Likes Pineal Juice
  • Likes Enchanted Mistletoe
  • Likes Silver and Silver Items

Favor tasks:Edit

  • Rubbery Tongues 


Item Price
Simple First Aid Kit 15
Basic First Aid Kit 30
Healing Potion 100
Armor Potion 100
Power Potion 100
Yagreet's Staff (favor level ? above neutral) ?

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